Relationship Between Green Marketin and Societal Marketing Concept for Corporate Image Building of a Firm (as a Marketing Manager) Essay

Societal marketing concept holds that the organisation is to determine the needs and interest of the target market and to deliver the satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than competitors in a way that preserves or enhance the consumers’ and society’s well being. Societal marketing aims towards optimising the needs of the consumers with relation to what the product offers.

It concentrates on two major dimensions: 1. TIME DIMENSION: It emphasis that an organisation must differentiate between the short run and long run welfare of the society and thereby plan strategies in keeping with the long run welfare of both organisation and society, rather than purely having a short run view point.

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Relationship Between Green Marketin and Societal Marketing Concept for Corporate Image Building of a Firm (as a Marketing Manager)
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2. TIME DIMENSION: It emphasis that market does not include only the buyers of the product but also some non users of these products who may be affected due to the production and consumption of these products.

CONCEPT OF GREEN MARKETING Green marketing refers to an organisation’s effort at designing, promoting, pricing and distributing products that will not harm the environment.

It include all the activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchanges intended to satisfy human needs or wants, such that the satisfaction of these needs and wants occurs with minimum detrimental impact on the natural environment. Green marketing generally involves: • Ecologically safer products. • Recyclable and biodegradable packaging. • Energy efficient operations. Better pollution control. Today’s consumers becoming more conscious of the natural environment. Thus the businesses are beginning to modify their own thoughts and behaviour in an attempt to address the concerns of consumers. Thus Green marketing is becoming more important to business because of the consumers’ genuine concern about limited resources on the earth. CORPORATE IMAGE Corporate image is the net results of the interaction of a person’s beliefs, ideas, feelings and impression about a company and exist in the mind of that person.

Corporate image is the totality of different stakeholders’ expectation/perception of the way an organisation presents itself, either deliberately by controllable resources or accidentally by uncontrollable resources. It is a composite psychological impression that continually changes with the firm’s circumstances, media coverage, performance, pronouncements etc. Similar to a firm’s reputation or goodwill, it is the public perception of the firm rather than a reflection of its actual state or position.

In today’s business environment, the integration of environmental concern into marketing theory and practice is viewed by some simple extension of the societal marketing concept. However it is more helpful to inter relate both the concepts by defining as follows- “The holistic management process responsible for identifying , anticipating and satisfying the needs of consumers and society in a profitable and in an environmentally sustainable way and thereby enhancing the corporate image or into order to create a favourable impact about Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) status”

Thus the underlying focus of these two concepts is to build a corporate image of a company in a sociably and environmentally responsible way. ROLE OF GREEN MARKETING IN BUILDING CORPORATE IMAGE Green marketing help to build a corporate image by adopting the following way: • Emphasizing on the physical sustainability of the marketing process. • Embracing a more holistic and interdependent view of the relationship between business, economy and environment. • Treatment of environment as something intrinsic value. • Focussing of global concerns.

Following efforts are considered in green marketing to build corporate image: GREEN PRODUCTS: The contend that a given product should not – Endanger the health of people or animals. – Damage the environment at any stage of its life , including manufacture, use and disposal. – Consume a disproportionate amount of energy and other resources during manufacture, use or disposal. – Cause unnecessary waste either as a result of excessive packaging or a short useful life. – Involve the unnecessary use of or cruelty of animals. – Use materials derived from threatened species or environments.

GREEN PROMOTION: This include the following – Qualification and disclosures should be sufficiently clear and prominent – Environmental claims should make a clear whether they apply to the product, the package or a component of either – Environmental claims should not overstate the environmental attribute benefit. ECO SPONSORING: This include the following – Affiliation with group or projects engaged in environmental improvements. – Contribute funds directly to an environmental organization. – Adopt a particular environmental cause. Demonstrating the company’s interest in supporting environmental protection efforts. – Sponsorships of educational programs etc ECO LABELLING: These programs are typically voluntary, third party expert assessments of the environmental impacts of products. ROLE OF SOCIETAL MARKETING IN BUILDING CORPORATE IMAGE A business generally establishes, developed and expands within a society. Thus apart from profit earning, a company is also responsible for discharging its responsibility towards the society. Moreover a company is also responsible to being responsible to all its stakeholders in order to build a better corporate image.

STAKEHOLDERS CUSTOMERS SUPPLIERS MEDIA COMMUNITY SPECIAL GROUP CREDITORS EMPLOYEES GOVERNMENT A firm tries to build a better corporate image by: • Protecting the rights and safety of the customers. • Maintaining good relationship with the creditors and suppliers. • Settling or fulfilling the needs of the employees. • Maintaining good and cooperative relationship with the media person. • Following the rules and regulation of the government. Taking active part in social issues. The following diagram shows how a company tries to build corporate image through societal marketing program- [pic] BUILDING CORPORATE IMAGE Corporate marketing communication relates to overall communication of the company to consumer regarding societal marketing program. There are three types of corporate marketing communications: Primary Communication which refers to communication directly to or with a consumer or initiated by a consumer including direct interaction with a staff member, attendance at corporate seminars or events.

Secondary Communication is identified as a system for a visual identification and formal corporate communication, for example through advertising, public relation and promotion. Typically secondary communication is mass communication. Tertiary Communication refers to word of mouth and media interpretation i. e. communication through a third party. The second factor proposed to influence corporate image based on the features of the specific societal marketing program adopted by the company. Three key components of societal marketing are:

Symbolism which includes visual identity and other tangibles such as logos or name that specifically identify a particular societal marketing program. Management behaviour considered the support and value given to the societal marketing program by management while employees’ behaviour addresses the quantity of services delivered by employee in the societal marketing program. SUMANTA MANNA (MBA) ROLL NO. O2 ———————– CORPORATE MARKETING COMMUNICATION (PRIMARY, SECONDARY, TERTIARY) SOCIETAL MARKETING PROGRAM – PROGRAM SYMBOLISM – MANAGEMENT BEHAVIOUR CORPORATE IMAGE

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