Relationship Between Parents and Children

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The main topic of my paper is the effect of the parent-child relationship on children. I will examine areas such as child abuse, neglect, and their impact on both the child and the bond between parent and child. This special connection is established through different methods like pregnancy, adoption, and step parenting, playing an essential role in a child’s growth. Parenting necessitates substantial adjustment.

Parents desire both a close relationship with their child and a strong bond in their marriage and adult friendships. Prospective parents often wonder about the kind of parents they will be and reflect on their own childhood experiences. Typically, mothers are the primary caregivers for their children, while fathers have less responsibility in child care. In situations where women have careers before becoming mothers, they often have to give them up to stay home with the child; however, when mothers need to work, fathers become more involved in the caregiving process as their role with their children becomes more significant.

Research has shown that fathers can have sensitive interactions with their infants (Parke & Sawin, 1980) and that infants develop attachments to both their mothers and fathers around the same time (Lamb, 1977). Additionally, studies have explored how a caretaker’s behavior impacts a child’s development, highlighting the importance of both the child and caretaker in shaping outcomes (Bell, 1979).

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