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Relationships Between Children and their Parents

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As the children grow up they tend to do things that other children do, being influenced, and starting to hide stuff from their parents. Sometime children are really aggressive because they didn’t get what they wanted so they start to abuse the other children or young people. Sometime it is just that they think that everyone else doesn’t know what is good for him/her so they just want to do their own choice, but they don’t know always was is good for them so they end up doing bad things, like smoking, drinking, drugging, etc.

hich is going to affect them maybe for all their lives.

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Relationships Between Children and their Parents
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Personal choices made as a child and young adult effect nearly every aspect of life. From education to family planning – poor choices can lead to poverty and few opportunities, while good choices can open up a world of possibilities. Family experience as a child can very much play a role, but young adults are fully capable of taking responsibility for the life choices they make.

In accordance with Article 13 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child, the outcomes of the Governments Every Child Matters framework and the Early Years Foundation Stage, children should be provisioned for by ensuring that children are involved and engaged with, allowing them to be heard, to make decisions, contribute their experiences and be supported and safeguarded throughout their development.

According to Tassoni (2010) the EYFS clearly states that a curriculum for children under five years should be balanced of adult-led and child-initiated activities; an environment needs to be rich in resources and displayed in such a way that the children can determine their own play. . An early years setting should encourage healthy snacks and encourage parents to supply healthy balanced lunchboxes.

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