Relativism in Relation to TV Melo Dramas

Webster Dictionary describes relativism as a view that ethical truths depend on the individuals and groups holding them. The United States has the idea that they have the right to stick their noses into other countries’ business because something else is morally wrong. But cultures vary greatly regarding what is morally right and wrong. Quotes related to relativism saturate prime time drama’s like Roswell, and Dawson’s Creek.

Roswell is a semi drama on the WB Wednesday nights. The main characters of Roswell are Max, Liz, Michael and Isabel. In this episode it says, “Of coarse it’s got to be the right one. You know how you know this, the kiss that’s how.” In this quote an alien hunter, Everett Hubbell, tells Max Evans his opinion on how you know you found the right girl. This relates to relativism because Everett Hubbell pushes his opinion on Max.

Also on the WB, Dawson’s Creek is a highly rated television show. The main characters are Joey, Dawson, Pacey, Jen, Jack, and Andy. In this episode it says,

“Joey: Dawson what were you thinking?

Dawson: I wasn’t, for a fleeting moment I actually wasn’t thinking, and it felt good.

Joey: To take advantage of a girl who was drunk, vulnerable, and clearly on the rebound, I mean is it just me Dawson, or is this jaw dropingly out of.

Dawson: What character, Joey the little sketch in your head you have labeled Dawson, look this might not be the me your used to and I might make a complete fool of myself, but you have to start letting me make some mistakes.”

In this quote Joey is appalled on how Dawson acted because he acted differently than she is used to him acting. This directly relates to relativism because Joey has a preconceived notion on how Dawson should act.

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