Religion and Education

Religion and Education

            Social institutions vary in structure and dimensions, each designed or established for varying objectives and purposes - Religion and Education introduction. Hughes, Kroehler, and Zanden talks about the role of social institutions in shaping society by means of following established laws, policies, norms, and such to promote unity or oneness in accomplishing set goals and objectives. With this in mind, the remainder of this text will look into the structure and dimensions of two social institutions – religion and education – and establish a comparative or contrastive narrative to identify their unique functions.

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            Religious institutions uphold unity or oneness in belief. Aside from offering a venue for individuals who share the same faith to praise and worship their god, religious institutions have a way of congregating these individuals to reaffirm the reason for their faith and belief in something or someone that or who does not concretely exist. The process of socialization within religious institutions which builds on shared or common beliefs and ideologies related to religious doctrines or teachings fortifies the collective search for truths or pieces of information that upholds or encourages devotion to religious antics. Another purpose of religious institutions is to gather individuals with the same faith or belief in order to establish oneness against other institutions that have proved the continuity or survival of identify because of it.

            Educational institutions, on the other hand, do not solely focus on the establishment of identity and reaffirmation of one’s faith or belief. It is a goal-oriented institution that focuses on the development of the faculties of an individual through educational processes that occur through socialization. Educational institutions focus on nation-building or the development and improvement of society through shared academic goals and objectives that are known not only to enhance the cognitive, psychological, physical, moral, emotional, and social needs of human beings, but also to grant individuals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to identify their roles and responsibilities to society. It is the common goal of educational institutions for individuals to find their purpose in contributing to the betterment of society through socialization within it.


Hughes, M., Kroehler, C. J., Zanden, J. W. V. (1998). Sociology: The Core. Boston, MA:          McGraw-Hill College.

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