Religion and philosophy Essay

Life has never been easy since time immemorial - Religion and philosophy Essay introduction. When we were young, we perceived several notions as somewhat cliché for the reason that we often hear a lot of inspirational lines from the elderly but all the while, every single detail that they uttered seems to be realistic and situational.

We are always guided with the thought that we should do our very best and act with all our strengths to be an efficient individual. To define what is deeply right and wrong would possibly elevate our understanding on how we are able to explore our world here on earth.  The morals that Emmanuel Kant epitomized truly connote a certain level of maturity as it entails to have a grip towards the decisions we are bound to take. “Judge an action by its consequences as a universal law(Kessler, 2007)” this magnify the statement that it is imperative to be responsible in our choices in life – and truly, this what Kant wanted to embark on us – to be equipped on what is the right and proper things to do. We should make choices in view of our good deeds and in consonance to what we can contribute to our society.

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We set enormous standards in our lives that we tend to itemize what will make us a better person. Parallel to this, we define as well the norm that we desire towards other people, we set grounds on what will mold them to act as an individual.

Diverse building blocks of attitudes delineate a person and looking at it, it is essential as well to set a demarcation line on how we want our own lives to manifest. In lieu of which, I am very vocal to reiterate how meaningful I perceived my life would be. A lot of aspirations within dictate me to boost my personality. “He or she does not wait, but impetuous enough to grab any opportunity that shows up and becomes an impetuous buyer”, this guides me to characterize what I really want to be in the following years of my life. To strive harder was one of the elements which comprise my personality and I know for a fact that I will value every single opportunity that will cross my path. In my views, there’s no point in letting our chances to just pass by. It is good to grab the blessings that come our way.

With all the blessings which this life showered me, I want to be the person to be of gratitude to our God with all the wonderful things He manages to enriched me, “who has gratitude in his/her heart for every thing he receives in life and associates with God”. The continuous direction of our God is undoubtedly one of the reasons why I’m about to flourish in the future. I would never forget to bear in mind that above all, it is our God which completes my personality and I will put it all to Him as he never looses faith with my capabilities in lie.

“He or she thinks the present spending is more important than sacrificial savings for the future” would be one of my decisive factors in life. I know deeply that nothing is as essential as the future but we should never forget that above all, we owe every experiences to our present time and that this will remain to be the one wherein we could look things for. There is no future when there is no regard to present, we should value each detail of the present for the reason that towards the end, it will be the highlights of our future.

In this astonishing life that we exhaust at the moment, it is great to meet someone who would possibly share enormous thoughts that will help build our persona. It’s quite amazing to realize that there is someone who can contribute to the proliferation of our knowledge, “one who is quick to remove all enmities by compromising and creating good understanding leading to a solution of problem”. Sometimes, life’s a bit challenge to us and it’s good to have someone who will guide us to flourish amidst the tremendous phenomenon that we encounter; someone who will derive problems as life’s lesson and not a thing that will make us despair.

I would love to come across with someone who knows how to slow down some things in our lives, “he or she loves to dance, and loves music for dancing”. Simple instances will bring us back to sanity that life is not all about pressures and challenges; it can also be something that will make us realized that we are once a kid and will remain young forever. Its best to be with someone who knows entirely how to dance with life thus, the roller coaster of our lives will make us aware that everything was just part of living a rainbow of life.

Albeit the standards that we set, it’s better to stay foot and focus on what is truly good and determine what is not essential to our live – as what Emmanuel Kant embarked on us, we should know how to define what is right from what is wrong. Our moral obligation in our society will always remain as our focal responsibility as we stay in this world.



Kessler, Gary E. Voices of Wisdom, Thomson Wadsworth, 2007.

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