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Religion in Italy is one of the most important factors on a native’s lifestyle - Religion in Italy introduction. Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion of Italy followed by Islam, primarily Sunni, other Christian descents, and Mormons. An article written by World Trade Press stated, “Italy, and especially Rome, is home to some of the most magnificent and revered churches, shrines, tombs, and relics of the martyrs in the whole of Christendom. ” Italy’s capital is a hot spot for tourists, mainly because of the churches, relics, tombs, and so on. In Italy one of the most important independent nations is the Roman Catholic Vatican.

One of the most important ceremonies to the Roman Catholics is “The Eucharist” which is celebrated during large Masses. Going to churches or shrines and reciting novenas to the Virgin Mary is popular among the devout Roman Catholics. “The Italian government generally respects the freedom of religion provided in the Constitution” (Italy: Religion). The Roman Catholic Church has great authority in Italian’s lives, seeing as the church is the conductor of numerous rites of passage that are extremely important to Italians. In the past, the church has even had great influence of public debate on issues like abortion and stem cell research.


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The church had such an immense influence on the stem cell research debate that it managed to secure very strict limitations on such research (Italy: Religion). The church can intervene with science affair; going along with that the government has some power in the church affairs. “The Italian government generally respects the freedom of religion provided in the Constitution. ” (Italy: Religion) The Roman Catholic Church has the status of a state religion, but there is a de facto separation of Church and state in Italian polity, and the country’s civil laws are not a reflection of Catholicism.

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