United States citizen to worship

Religion Is dealt In different ways for every country, America has really leaped towards religious freedom, but as human beings the citizens can not always be happy with what people say, China is undergoing some restrictions with religious freedom, and North Korea is Communist so anything Kim Gong-UN says, goes, including his thoughts on religion. The US has passed laws and attempted to create a country where religion is a freedom and a choice. Americans are very blessed with the fact that they are able to worship wherever they please.

The government allows two deferent Ideas, a separation of church and state and allowing for the practice of religion (Marquis). The amendments of the constitution have many different historical roots. In first century AD, Romans started converting to Christianity but were punished because they did not believe in the Gods that the other Romans believed in. Years later in the 13th century, Thomas Aquinas promoted religious toleration because he did not want people to convert that might weaken the church. John Locke also supported religious toleration during the restoration of Europe. He promoted “toleration with

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Religious toleration implies that if one is to come and practice in a religion, it would be true and honest, if it was not, the evil would lessen the church (Taylor). Each one of these instances were important for the establishment of religious freedom in the United States. The Constitution and the ratification of the First Amendment were completed In by 1791. Even though Americans do have the right to practice their own religion, what each Individual say Is not always acceptable. In recent news the “Duck Dynasty” star, Phil Robertson, made some anta;gay remarks that sparked some controversy.

Phil Robertson talked to GO on his thoughts of what qualifies as sinful in his book. He said, “Start with homosexual behavior and Just morph out from there – bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. ” He then said “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the Idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers- they won’t Inherit the kingdom of God,” declared Phil. “Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right” (Strained). Many people, especially the GLAD community came back firing from his comments.

America does not like it when someone’s faith, Eke Phial’s, tells them they are living their life the wrong way. What Phil really was saying that everyone is a sinner is destined to go to hell. He told the magazine, “We never, ever Judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty Job… We Just love ‘me, give ‘me the good news about remarks. So, America is very lucky for being able to worship who or what they want to praise, but do not by any means affect a large group of people because there will be consequences. China is greatly known for lack of religious freedom.

The main religions are Buddhism, Taoism, and Islam (Chinese Religions). China has grown since it became a country until 1977 did it have freedom of religious beliefs in the Chinese Constitution. Although there is some religious freedom, China does not divide church and state, so there are still restriction on religious organization and practices. The “Patriotic Religious Association” regulates the tradition’s practiced in the the countries. Also, members of the Communist Party must be atheist so there is no political involvement to the people who have a faith (Religious Freedom in China).

Even though it is a poor country, they are very rich in their faith. Catholicism is one of the few religions that is a struggle that the Communist authorities do not know how to deal with. The believers of underground Catholicism walk a thin line between toleration and persecution. In the documentary, God in China: The Struggle for Religious Freedom is about how the Chinese undergo the pressure of the authorities pertaining to religion, which is far from being free. “The Chinese government tolerates religion only under the strict control of so-called ‘Patriotic Association’.

Their repose is to ensure that religious beliefs do not threaten the party line” (God in China). Many underground churches have two more that the government can watch. One church depends on the patriotic association, another belongs to the pope and the patriotic association, and the other is completely loyal to the pope. Christians who do not surrender their faith to government directives are driven underground and viable to be arrested at any time. Even the men who want to train to become priests have to do so underground.

They almost lead a double life, by going to Universities during the day and attending a clandestine community. Sometimes the houses of worship are discovered and they have to find a new place and move houses overnight (God in China). The government restricts the freedom of their citizens, so none of them are really free. North Korea traditionally practices Buddhism. To many people in North Korea, Buddhism is more than a religion, it is more of a philosophy and the “way of life” (Religious Freedom Report).

The North Korean Constitution provides for “freedom of religious belief,” but the government restricts religious freedom, mainly preventing organized religious activities, except for the groups agonized by the government. Many underground churches in North Korea run by outside sources that have been reported were arrested, beaten, tortured, or killed because of their religious beliefs and packs them all into prison camps. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is rated among the world’s worst religious persecutors.

The DEEP turns the government into a religion itself, the Communist system is basically like a holy church with the Skims being secular saints. There is always surveillance, discrimination, and harassment of both authorized and unauthorized religious activity in North Korea. Kim Gong-UN does not recognize the individuality of any sort, so the reason he is so stern on religion is because he believes North Koreans should all share the official “religion” and everyone should everything to glorify the “Great” Leaders (Religious Freedom in North Korea).

The so- called Constitution is falling apart because the government does not recognize the North Korea when he was sentenced to 1 5 years in labor camps, farming Vegetables. He had been conducting missionary work and was arrested for “anti-government acts”. He has been detained for almost a year. Many people are worried because Bee as moved to a hospital due to lack of food. One of the representatives for the North Korean government, Hymn, denied that there were even camps in the first place, even though there is evidence by human rights groups that hundreds of thousands of people are working in the inhumane conditions (Smith).

North Korea is by far one of the worst countries for religious freedom and tries to misinform other countries about what goes on. The government and the people are the key in the true error of religious freedom. America does do its best to separate church and state, which is key in a peaceful society, but when faith interferes with other’s lives, they become defensive which affects the US as a whole.

Both China and North Korea have laws on religious freedom but barely keep the promise of each Constitution. China does allow almost any kind of religion Just as long as it does not interfere with the wellbeing of the government but North Korea does not tolerate any sort of religious “rebellion”. Religion is a touchy subject to most people because one usually feels strongly about one side or the other, but the fact is, religion should not be a big debate because it is separate from any worldly problems.

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