Religious hypocrites

Religious hypocrites

            People hate hypocrites as they already are but there are more obnoxious hypocrites than the ones people normally know.  Generally, hypocrites are people who are not sincere with what they show other people.  Pretention is the instrument of hypocrisy.  Some people call hypocrites persons who are ‘two-faced’; one face for certain groups of people and another for other groups of people; and neither of these two faces genuinely reflecting their true personalities.  There are many hypocrites in society but a class of hypocrites known as religious hypocrites is far worse compared to ordinary hypocrites because they trample on two vital elements of culture and society, faith and trust.

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            Religious hypocrites are hypocrites who use religion as a means to propel their own selfish interests by pretending to be devout to their faith and the group of religious hypocrites who trample on faith are those who mislead other faithful.  Trampling on the faith of people who have your same religion is the worst kind of blasphemy.  For example, religious hypocrites do this by pretending to attend all the services, rituals and ceremonies of their chosen faith giving the impression that they are the perfect picture of the faithful.  Unknown to other members of the faith, these religious hypocrites are actually there for a darker and greedier purpose which could be politics or some other form of personal gain.  So, this particular kind of religious hypocrite makes other people believe that they are in fact believers of the faith, having people follow in their footsteps.  The truth is they are actually deceiving other faithful into changing their belief systems in favor of the selfish interests that they want to propel.  In this class of religious hypocrites are leaders of religious sects who claim that they are doing what they are doing for the glory of their God, when in fact they are in it because of the wealth and glory that it gives them.  Politicians who attend religious services for visibility are also part of this class.  They exercise the faith to fool others into believing that they are devout when in fact they simply want the votes of the people whom the put up a masquerade for.

            The other class of religious hypocrites who are worse than vermin are those who are apparently perfect devotees but are entirely different in their own households or their intimate circles;  these kinds of religious hypocrites destroy the trust of people.  For instance, this kind of hypocrite would seem quite bent in fulfilling his/her religious duties but when nobody is looking he/she is cruel to house help, employees, or subordinates; or perhaps, even inconsiderate with the feelings of people surrounding him/her.  This kind of religious hypocrite is only superficially devoted to the precepts and ideals of his/her religion but is in fact a monster as a person.  In this class of hypocrites are church-going tax collectors who are merciless when it comes to their debtors, two-timing husbands who pray the rosary every day, and sharp-tongued matrons who put the phrase “f**k y*u!” side by side with the Lord’s Prayer.  These kinds of religious hypocrites destroy the trust of the faithful in the faith and tarnish the image of their religion.  These are the kinds of hypocrites that Gandhi referred to when he said, “I love Catholicism, but I do not love the Catholics.”

            Whatever kind of religious hypocrite one is one this is undeniable; that religious hypocrites do not deserve the apparent respect and courtesy that they get from genuine faithful because they are never sincere in their religious intentions.  Religious hypocrites are the worst kinds of hypocrites because they shake the very foundations of religion and faith; the destroy faith itself and damage the trust of the faithful.

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