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Religious people

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Hypothesis: Violence in the mass media has produced more violent behaviour in our society today.

My coursework is about the mass media influencing violence in our society today. I have chosen this subject as I am a teenager who realises how much violence there is on our streets today, where you cannot feel safe on the streets, there must be a reason why people decide to cause such a violent society and the media may be one, so I aim to find out whether it does or not, or maybe it is just a part cause.

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Religious people
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I know there is violence in our society today, which isn’t really a fair statement, but from past experience’s in local areas to me, where whenever you go out at night, you see some form of violence, luckily for me, I have managed to avoid such confrontations, but only just, as I have talked my way out of arguments. I know quite a few people who have been involved I such incidents, and as they have told me, in the interviews in this project, they admit they were petrified when the situations occurs.

It also has to do with the murders that you hear about, such as the Jamie Bulger, Stephen Lawrence and Damiloa Taylor murders that have occurred recently. Damiloa Taylor and Stephen Lawrence in particular as the murders of them occurred in a 10 minute radius from my house. Its a horrible thought that a person would want to take another human beings life, or want to injure someone, it makes you think it could be me, or a loved one that you care about. Every time you pick up a newspaper you cannot look through it without reading about a murder taking place, police quizzing youngsters and someone going missing and search parties and campaigns starting up.

For instance, Sarah Payne, taken by someone whilst playing, then being murdered and her clothes being stripped off of her, this is a six year old girl, how sick can you get?

1To find whether the mass media encourages youngsters to act violent or not.

2Whether kids know the difference between what it real and what is pretend.

3Are punishments given for offences strong enough, and would there be less violence if the government were to be more strict on punishments.

Re people

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