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Religulous (documentary)

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  • Pages 3
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    The 2008 documentary Religulous by Bill Maher, is about religion, of course, but most of it’s about how religion is seen by other people around the world. Bill Maher states his views on religion, although he makes fun of it, we have to understand that everyone has a different opinion and perspective about what religion is to them. I am a catholic and I can’t say I’m devoted to my religion and go to church every Sunday, because I don’t. I was baptized as a baby, went to CCD on Sundays and had my first communion and my confirmation where I accepted the religion I was choosing when I was baptized.

    After that I been a handful of times to church, but I don’t do it every Sunday as many people do. This documentary opened my eyes to what other people thought about religion, it didn’t change my mind about my religion choice, but it did make me think about why others chose their religion. The things I found interesting about this documentary are that I got to learn some of the ideas that other cultures and religions go by, I learned that the US is considered a Christian nation which I didn’t know until I saw this, and I heard answer to questions that I never actually paid attention to.

    There were many topics discussed with people of different religions and each had a different view and response to them that it made me think if what I think about is actually right or wrong. Some topics that were brought out were about the world ending, does God exist, was the Virgin Mary a virgin or not, is there a devil, are gays accepted by god and others more. There were a few questions that were answered that bothered me, not because I found them misappropriate, but because the responses were a bit out of reason.

    For example, the man who used to be gay is against gay people and thinks they are inappropriate now that he is straight. Everyone is free to be who they are and be who they want to be with, but I just found this to be a bit hypocrite from his part because he said himself he used to be gay, now he is dissing others because they’re not like him. My view on religion hasn’t changed I know what I believe in and others just have a different belief compared to me that I can’t say that I’m right or they are right, because no one knows who is right or wrong.

    If there is a god or not, if the world will end or not, and if the world was created in seven days, well we don’t know the answers to that although some religions say they do, no one knows maybe they do know the truth. What I can say that I learn about religion is that we all have idea of what we think is that guides us or will helps us. We can be religious or not, but that’s one thing that makes us different from others or joins us with someone. Religion is viewed and will always be viewed differently, in a way it can be compared to politics because in religion as politics, we all have different views and sides as to who or what we want.

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