Remote Access Service (RAS)

Remote Access Service (RAS)

Remote access refers to any type of remote application be it remote browser, remote desktop or remote terminal where individuals credentials are usually required. Thus, the ability to log onto a network from a distant location with the help of a computer, modem and remote access software is referred to as remote access. Remote access service is a combination of hardware and software which enable the information that typically reside on a network of information technology devices. In a business, remote access introduces newfound flexibility and this enables employees to access an organization network, system and data (Clark, 2005). This helps them to enjoy flexible work schedules while enabling them to work even from their homes.

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This allows employees to extend their performance especially during weekends to answer business emails or to use networked applications. In the case of businesses, engineers working in distant locations are linked together with other corporation globally via remote access. Hence, remote access empowers effective communication and productivity. In addition, it reduces the cost of communication while fostering flexibility with secured communication lines which are tailored to individual users i.e. employees and business partners (Clark, 2005). Employees have great flexibility on when and where they are to perform their job functions which improves the response time and one is able to work without interruptions due to this technology. In addition, remote access is only limited to employees only thus ensuring security of the business activities in the protected VPNs remote access. A secure remote access reduces burden on IT when a negative event happens. In conclusion, remote access helps to increase productivity, increase the number of mobile workers, improves global business operation and maintains security in response to the rapid growth in telecommunication trends. This makes employees to be more competitive and productive thus improving the productivity of the business.


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