Renewal letter

Dear Valued Customer,

            Thank you for availing our services and it is our pleasure to continue providing for your needs in the future. Our company has established itself through quality service in the field of technical service and support. It is our mission to enhance and introduce innovations through our products and services that would increase the standards by which we could better serve our valued clients. We take pride in how we conduct business processes and we strive to have a positive and productive relationship with all of our customers.

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            Our records indicate that your warranty contract is now nearing its expiration. Our company is eager and willing to continue and improve our existing services through a renewal or upgrade of the warranty.  Our company believes that we have the capability to further support your needs. Our Enhanced Service Plan includes comprehensive installation and systems integration services. This would also include an all-inclusive twenty four hours/seven days a week/three sixty five days a year continual and constant online DVD diagnostics and troubleshooting support service uninterrupted and available at any time. Another feature we provide is the emergency on-site repair service to assure support for the critical needs of the clients during unexpected occurrences of problems.

            The Enhanced Service Plan could be availed through three different plans depending on the needs of your company. The plans to choose from include the following: Essential which is ideal for a 24 business hour response time, ProActive which is ideal for a 16 business hour response time and Critical which is ideal for an 8 business hour response time. Your assigned Field service Engineer (FSE) will arrive at your site within the time frame your contract specifies. Response times vary by installed location. Rest assured our company is dedicated to giving customers a competitive edge. We believe that the ESP gives our customers the pillars of support needed to maximize productivity and increase profits.

            We are hoping for an affirmative response regarding this matter so that we could continue helping your company’s needs. Once again, thank you very much for conducting business with our company.


Customer Service Representative

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