Reply to the article “The Economy”

The article posted entitled “The Economy”, which is sort of a commentary to another article that talked about business strategies that failed and why they failed. The author wrote about the importance of building new strategies, particularly the creation of new products and finding ways to adjusting it for the consumers’ satisfactions and not just existing to compete in the market.

            What seems to be new in what the author wrote is the article’s tone or how it presented its argument.  It totally agreed with the original article without questions in the sense that it seemed to be similar to a promotional material for the idea or concept of the other author.  I should say that somehow I disagree with how the author presented the ideas. There were no theoretical back ups to justify the analysis of the article. There are a lot of business and management theories that could be brought in to back up the arguments that the author wrote about the strategies needed to be successful in the knowledge economy.  This is one important thing that the author missed, it is imperative to put evidences based on reviewed related literature.

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            The author also discussed the topic on his interpretation of the article and his thoughts and stance about the article discussed by Kim and Maugborgne. It seems that the author left out the fact that people do not mean exactly the same.

            In addition, it would be more helpful if the author could have discussed more than one case of failure on the strategy that IBM used against its rival Compaq in the article posted.  A point by point analysis of the article could have given it more justice.

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