Report about Ultrasound Facilities and Digital/Computer Radiography and Establishment of PACS

Report about Ultrasound Facilities and Digital/Computer Radiography and Establishment of PACS

With the advancement of latest technologies, the Medical and Health Care industry is being equipped with different modern equipments. Hospitals, especially the privately owned organizations are updating themselves to all the latest equipments such as Ultrasound and radiography. The fear of taking tests is being drastically reduced among the patients, with the help of these latest technologies.

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Ultra Sound testing has been a common test these days and is often used during the pregnancy period of a woman. This is one of the safe tests that can be done during pregnancy, as this is a very complicated period, both for the expectant mother and the growing fetus. It can also be used to detect the unusual changes happening in the tissues and the organs of human body. Technologies have paved way for 3D Ultra Sound Scanning, where the fetus can be viewed in a 3D effect, with all sides visible to the expectant mother during the scanning. Though 3D technology has been evolved, as far as Ultra Sound is concerned Obsteric Diagnostic Mode, which is the 2D effect of scanning is the most widely used device. Scanning, in olden days was considered to be risky, because the sound waves had been sent straight down and it was reverting back again. The Ultra Sound technology has overcome this issue, by making possible of sending the sound waves in different safe angles. The image is directly sent to a computer device which enables the 3D effect and the computer monitor makes the 3D viewing possible.

The Ultra Sound machine is being manufactured by various companies and each of them compete with the other in giving the best possible features. There is a non-persistent three dimensional Ultra Sound instrument which was mechanized to examine the diameter level of the abdominal aorta. This kind of measurement helps the doctors to find out whether the patient shows positive for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.

Radiography involves different types of imaging technologies such as CT scans, X-rays, MRI scans and other imaging diagnosis. Interventional Radiology is another sub-technology, which can be used for both diagnosing and treating the patients from their disorders. IR includes computed tomography, fluoroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging. The Magnetic resonance can be applied for getting a detailed tissue contract, when there is any crack or expansion due to accidents.

The core advantage of these technologies is their accuracy and the pace of performing the tests and delivering the results. As no manual intervention involves, the risk of mistakes in the results are not likely to happen. Tests can be conducted in a safe mode, creating no hazard to the patient. Keeping the equipments upgraded from time to time helps the medical industry to provide a clear and a healthy service to their patients.

The very latest advancement of the medical industry could be the digital and computed radiography and the Picture Archiving Communications Systems (PACS). The PACS helps to store the images and scanned results of any patient, and in can be retrieved from the system whenever wanted.  Digital radiography aims to develop a paperless medical industry and therefore PACS and the digital radiography go hand in hand to achieve their goal. For regular patients, who visit the hospital every month, this is a good way in tracking their previous reports and giving them quick and effective assistance. All kinds of imaging modality systems such as Digital Photography, Ultra Sound scanning, CT and MRI scanning documents can be uploaded and retrieved through the PACS system.

It is highly acceptable that the implementation of the latest medical equipments in the medical and health care industry will result a costlier investment, yet it is a one time investment. Human employees can be reduced to one third, as the equipment can save the time and human resource considerably, thereby reducing salary cost every month. With benefits such as accuracy in results and faster treatment, the investment is not a comparatively high factor. Hence, medical and health care industries can proceed to adopt the latest technologies in their hospital, to get name and fame benefits from the patients and to fight the competition in the industry.


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