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Prepared for the Management of Dollar Discounters
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Report On Global Transportation Providers That Have State-Of-The-Art Tracking Systems


Dollar Discounters has been experiencing delays in delivery of its cargo in the past months - Report On Global Transportation Providers That Have State-Of-The-Art Tracking Systems Essay introduction. The delays have caused massive losses in sales of seasonal and trendy items, which lose market over time. The problem has stemmed from unreliable freighters who provide inept services and even fail to track the movement of cargo. The purpose of this research is to investigate the services of other global transport companies that provide efficient transport and tracking services to ensure quick and safe deliveries. The scope of the report is based on three freight companies that provide tracking services, namely Maersk Line, Koch Logistics and Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).  The report compares the advantages and disadvantages of the services provided by each of the three companies. In the last section of the report, it is recommended that Dollar Discounters consider the services of MSC given its efficiency in transportation and tracking of movement as discussed in the report.

Analysis of each of the three companies

1. Maersk Line

Maersk Line is a shipping company formed in February 2006 following the merger of Maersk Sealand and P & O Nedlloyed (Plunkett, 2006). The company is a member of the A. P. Moller-Maersk Group and has a solid reputation, being the fourth largest provider of container freight services in the world in terms of fleet capacity (Plunkett, 2006). Maersk Line operates 500 container ships that have an overall capacity of over 1,300,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) (Plunkett, 2006).  The company’s ships operate in hundreds of ports worldwide and clients are served in over 325 offices distributed in 125 countries (Plunkett, 2006).

Maersk Line also provides value added logistics under its Maersk Logistics brand, which ensures quick and efficient delivery of cargo (Maersk Line) .The Company also provides a number of e-commerce services, which include tracking in terms of schedules; rates offered by the company, and other kinds of documentation (Maersk Line).

Maersk Line’s tracking services involve recording of container numbers and the booking or documentation numbers (Maersk Line). Using these details, cargo owners can easily track the movement of their goods within various ports around  the world (Maersk Line).This service is also available online and registered customers can track the movement of their goods using their personal reference number (Maersk Line). Registered customers can also search for shipment details from specific locations on a 24-hour basis (Maersk Line).

2. Koch Logistics

Koch Logistics, located in Minneapolis, provides transportation and shipping logistics services that cover sea shipping, air freight, and rail transport for its clientele across the globe (LeftHand Networks). The company also deals in warehousing and leasing services (LeftHand Networks). Koch Logistics takes pride in its tracking technology as a means of enhancing security and efficiency of its services.

The company offers high quality business solutions that integrate the latest information technology in tracking. Along this line, Koch Logistics offers a 24 hour-seven-days-a-week tracking system that is fully automated (LeftHand Networks).The tracking system enables access of information by clients via online facilities, telephone, fax and e-mail (LeftHand Networks). Koch Logistics’ tracking system also provides electronic data exchange (EDI) capabilities, which facilitate quick exchange of information between several points in the world (LeftHand Networks).

3. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)

According to the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) website, the company believes in the importance of providing quick and efficient services to its clients (MSC). MSC provides the widest service network in the world and responds to market changes while implementing long-term plans for success (MSC). This is aimed at providing services to meet every client’s needs without delay or any form of interference (MSC).

By January 2009, MSC was operating over 419 container ships with a capacity of 1,460,000 TEU (MSC). The company’s modern management structure in Geneva provides a focus on cost-effective global shipping solutions to cargo dealers (MSC).

MSC recently launched a new version of a tracking system that uses a “tracking and tracing” application (MSC). The version is available online and enables users to track the movement of containers at any location (MSC). The system automatically generates e-mail alerts about container fleets, which are sent to cargo owners immediately. In addition, the new system allows users to use criteria such as “Port of Discharge” and ”Port of Loading” to generate instant information on sailings in terms of both departures and arrivals.

Advantages and disadvantages of each company’s tracking system

1. Maersk Line

Maersk Line uses its Maersk Logistics brand, which enables it to ensure quick delivery of goods. However, the company’s description of its tracking services is not comprehensive especially for a company such as Dollar Discounters, which deals in seasonal and trendy goods.

2. Koch Logistics

The advantage of Koch Logistics’ services is that it has fully automated tracking services and has several means through which the information can be accessed including online facilities, fax, phone and e-mail. The company also offers warehousing and leasing services. However, the downside of the company’s services is that its customers must contact the management in order get information via phone or fax.

3. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)

MSC has the latest technology of monitoring cargo known as tracking and tracing. The advantage of this system is that is fully automated in addition to being accessible to online users. Furthermore, MSC’s tracking service enable users to use a variety of criteria in tracing the movement of vessels; hence, customers can know the exact departure and arrival time of vessels in various ports. Thus, clients using MSC’s services can be able to plan on the movement of their goods. Nevertheless, the new technology has not faced the test of time.


Given the descriptions of Maersk Line, Koch Logistics and MSC, it is evident that all the companies provide good transport and tracking services. However, there are significant differences in the types of services offered. In comparison,  although Maersk Line offers a carrying capacity of over 1,300,000 TEU, its tracking services are not well detailed. Koch Logistics offers a variety of tracking services but customers have to contact the company in order to get some services.  Overall, MSC offers the largest carrying capacity of 1,460,000 TEU and has the most advanced tracking system.


Based on the critical appraisal of the services provided by the three companies, it is recommended that Dollar Discounters consider using the services of MSC. This is because MSC not only offers a large fleet of ships but also offers the latest technology in tracking and tracing, which are very vital in the operations of Dollar Discounters.


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