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Reprecussions of Terrorism

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Repercussions of TerrorismOn September 11, 2001, four American air flights were hijacked by terrorists destroying both the World Trade Center Towers, and a wing of the pentagon. With the media coverage showing Americans every aspect of the attack, the hatred grows stronger within our souls. The only option we have is hunting down those responsible for this, and making them regret all actions they’ve made against the United States. Peace can only be reached by finishing the battle they started. First we’re going to have to find and identify those involved.

Only after that has been done can we start to send in our troops to strategic locations for proper military involvement. The one’s responsible should pay, but we must keep civilian casualties to a minimum. It was never our intentions to start this war, so we cant back now that is has begun. If we were to choose not to fight those involved in the attack, they would view us as weaker than they thought, and a new barrage of attack may follow.

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Reprecussions of Terrorism
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Before a battle can be waged we have to seek out the leader of the assault, finding others in our country who may still be connected to the assailant, and interrogating them for further information. Simply just looking outside ourselves will not do, because there are still those walking among us that have contact with these terrorists, and have been covering up what has already happened. Recognizance missions are viable options the military should consider. The leader of these attacks has been very secretive about all of his operations so it is imperative that we find a way to infiltrate his band of allies at home and on their soil. The nation must come together as one and release any and all information that may help to control any further actions by these terrorists.

With some knowledge of who was involved in this massacre, the military needs to start placing troops where the battle is likely to occur. The best start to a good defense would be starting temporary bases in undisclosed locations, and increasing our number of soldiers on foreign military posts surrounding the countries we are involved against. This will make it that much easier to strike when the time is right. If the next move that is made in this fight once again hits us we will be prepared. Our main objective of this counterstrike must be to protect the lives of our citizens, and try and focus all points of attack to only hit the terrorists involved. These bases can provide so much information to help our cause, such as locations of the opposition, and information on offensive plots the terrorists are preparing. In the case of another attack they will be positioned to destroy anyone who challenges the authority of our nation.

The proper involvement of our Navy will be a strong hand for America to play. We will be able to have a full arsenal of air craft and troop transports placed in the right areas around the nations in question . The rockets carried by some of our naval battle ships can hit a target 500 miles away in mere minutes. If the countries of Afghanistan or Pakistan had anything to do with the attacks as suspected, because of their past involvement with Osama Bin Laden, both countries can be easily targeted with all the resources we have as a military to fall back on. Many middle eastern countries have an army or air force, but none of them border a body of water therefore making a navy nearly impossible to obtain. The waters could be controlled by us with no serious battles.

Each step of our involvement must be closely monitored so that each step doesn’t overshadow all of our plans of attack. Every different branch of the military must show an equal front of strength. Above all, however, we cannot show our enemies any sign of weakness. When the time comes to act, we have to hit them and hit them hard. From the time the first bomb is dropped, or the first round is fired, the battle cannot end until all parties involved against us have been removed from their standing. The wars we don’t finish today will be the wars that begin tomorrow. Without finishing we only leave the enemy angry at our actions, and we will only be awaiting their next strike. Many of our allies are offering different forms of support to aid in our battle. Russia has offered intelligence, while India and Japan have offered protection of American embassies and troop support in our campaign. We must take advantage of their offers not only to destroy our foes, but to better our relationships with those countries that may continue to aid us in our struggle. Our society didn’t start this war, though we will be the one’s to finish it. After we find the miscreants behind the atrocity, the battle will begin. Until that day we are going to be forced to hold those harboring terrorists responsible. When we have control over them those behind all the attacks will be brought to justice. War may not always be the answer but we cannot hide from our enemies, we must show we can take the pain inflicted and grow stronger from it, but we never forget those who have wronged us so strongly.

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