Request for Approval of Research Proposal


TO: Griffin Caleb, Department Head of Operations, Phoenix, Inc.

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FROM: Sophie Parker, Research Coordinator, Research Department, Phoenix, Inc.

DATE: March 10, 2009

SUBJECT:  Request for Approval of Research Proposal

The Research department of Phoenix, Inc. is proposing to do a study on the effects of increased longevity on the population and the health care industry. This research is intended to determine the importance of improving the quality of life for all age groups particularly to the elderly. More so, this study will provide ample information on how to address the issue of aging on people and its impact on the health care industry.

Based on our initial study, the looming concern over longevity has influenced the manifestation of change in the health care industry as well as to the elderly. For the former, the advancement in technology and the various medicines helped in increasing longevity. However, the ever-changing physical conditions of the sick specifically the elderly have pushed this industry to be pressured to accommodate all the needs and wants of their aging patients. Furthermore, according to Estelle James, “the aging population can have an important impact on health expenditures as well as on the optimal design of health care systems” (James, 1999). In addition, the ailing elderly have also an immense effect on the workforce of the health industry. First, the diversity of the conditions of the elderly people does not match up to the limited knowledge and skills of most of the health professions. As a result, differences in health outcomes comes is very evident. Second, for those health practitioners who have specialized on relatively old branches of study (Medicine and Psychology), their profession and expertise is at risk of being obsolete due to the existence of newer and more interesting fields of study. Third, because of modernization, most of the treatment involving the elderly will be administered by electronic computers or machines which will lessen the need for health workers (McGinnis et al, 2005).

Overall, this research study is aimed in establishing the positive effects of increasing longevity which can aid in improving the quality of life for the aging population and to help the health care industry to enhance their capabilities in dealing with their patients.

Moreover, this research will also be very beneficial for the company. As an innovative organization in the spa and wellness industry, we can capitalize on the useful information that will be gathered to guide us in designing new programs and products that will address the issues of the elderly and the health workers in improving their longevity.

The following are the possible benefits that can be produced by this research for the organization:

We can generate programs specifically designed that will address the special concerns of the elderly and health workers in improving their quality of life.
We can make products that help amplify or sustain the longevity of our target market.
Through the new products and services, the company can produce more revenues.
The increase of longevity of the aging population can cause a ripple effect wherein every aspect of the society (economically, socially and so on) will benefit from it making the world a better place for everyone.
If this research study will push through, we will be able to help our target market as well as their families and friends in making their lives more enjoyable and pleasant. Also, this would help the organization in getting ahead of the pack in the spa and wellness industry in delivering valuable and practical products and services.


James, Estelle. (1999). The Impact of Population Aging on Healthcare Systems. World Bank
Publications, New York.

McGinnis, S., Salsbert, E., Wing, P., Dill, M.., Stapf, C., &Rowell, M. (2005). The Impact of the Aging Population on the Health Workforce in the United States. Albany School of Public Health:New York.


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