Requiem of A Dream: A Movie Analysis

Requiem of A Dream: A Movie Analysis

            There are different factors that affect the lives of many. For the longest time, people struggled to fulfill their dreams and become someone in society.  The film, Requiem of a Dream, chronicles the lives of Sara and Harry Goldfarb, a widowed mother and son, and the people close to them while they struggled to reach for their dreams.  Unfortunately, their quest took a different path when their lives were introduced to the crazy world of drugs.

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            The film chronicled the numerous effects and the impact drug abuse had on the lives of people.  For Sara Goldfarb, becoming an elderly widow was difficult to overcome, for it has consumed most of her spirit to live. Unfortunately, the opportunity to be seen on television has turned out negatively. Her willingness to become pleasing in front of the television has caused her to take prescription drugs in order to lose weight.  With the loss of the opportunity to be seen on television, came the wallowing period Sara and any other individual feared. She used her failure to become more inclined to drug abuse, increasing her dosage to the point of putting her life in danger. In this manner, Sara began to experience outlandish hallucinations that affected her mental stability.

This incident shows the viewers how a great deal of hope could ruin the lives of people. For Sara’s case, she lost everything she had including her son, Harry. It would be impossible for Sara to go on and recover from this great grief because she has no one else to turn to. Everyone she knew has turned their backs on her, and her husband was already dead. In the end, Sara was sent to a hospital and was placed under the electroshock therapy. Her experiences were too much for Sara to handle that led her t become catatonic while locked in the mental hospital.

            On the other hand, Sara’s son Harry was no different from her. In fact, what he did was far worse than what his mother did. Sara’s situation was only isolated to a limited number of people, but Harry’s involved more than what was deemed from him. As shown in the film, Harry was a heroin addict. However, he was unable to control his addiction and started to influence others. Apparently, his world was focused on addiction to different kinds of drugs, which also included his girlfriend Marion, and friend Tyrone.

Irresponsible addiction to heroin became the very core of Harry’s self destruction. In his own perception, drugs would become his way of achieving his dream of becoming a successful businessman. True enough, he was able to be a businessman and earn tons of money—however, this also made him more dependent on drugs. In so doing, Harry was unaware that his permanent success would also be the reason for his self destruction. Through the course of the film, it was evident that Harry’s arm was slowly deteriorating because of the infections caused by heroin injections. This predicament did not stop Harry from becoming more addicted to the drug, which also became the reason for her tarnished relationship with Marion.

            Harry’s girlfriend, Marion, also had a story to tell. Her lifelong dream was to become a fashion designer, which became difficult for her to achieve. In so doing, he started to become addicted to cocaine, which also served as a way for her to enter a temporary state away from reality. In order to fulfill her dream, she indulged in drug trafficking with her boyfriend Harry, and their friend Tyrone. For some time, she lived a comfortable life, while forgetting her problems through cocaine use.

Unfortunately, Marion’s dream of opening a store was hindered when Tyler was arrested. Her depression and disappointments caused a great deal from her end, which also made it impossible for Marion to move on. With her boyfriend by her side, Marion became more convinced that a way for her to forget her problems was to indulge in cocaine addition. In this manner, she would be able to enter a temporary state of bliss and forget her problems and frustrations just for a little while.

Moreover, Marion’s condition deteriorated when it became difficult for them to acquire drugs. In this manner, Marion compromised her morality to earn money for drugs. Convinced by her boyfriend, Harry, Marion traded sex for money. This gave Marion enough courage to continue what she was doing. She indulged into prostitution so that she may be able to fend for her addictions needs. Regardless if the act was immoral or not, was out of Marion’s hands. All she cared for now was how she would be able to support their addiction. Unfortunately, Marion was unable to redeem herself and instead continued to degrade herself through prostitution. Cocaine has definitely consumed Marion’s morality and integrity as a person, yet it was

            Tyrone’s case was no different from his friends, although his dream was relatively simple than the others. For the longest time, he wanted to redeem himself from the streets by doing impressive things that would also make his mother proud. Tyrone’s innermost thoughts about his mother and frustrated dream of making it big in the world became the very reason for him to become addicted to heroin. The temporary bliss experienced through the hallucinations allowed him to enter a world that was different from what he was used to. For a short span of time, the effects of the drug allowed him to become to forget his problems and love himself. Although he wallowed in his misery, Tyrone’s hullabaloo was cut short when he was arrested when one of the gang members was assassinated, which eventually led to his imprisonment. This, however, led Tyrone to think and reassess his actions. Together with his friend, Harry, they planned to move to Florida where they can start all over. Unfortunately, they were arrested in the hospital and had to deal with the realities life had to offer.

            From the film alone, it may be noted that drugs can greatly affect the lives of people. For the most part, people tend to become someone they are not when under the influence of drugs. Take Sara as an example. Regardless of her maturity, she fell prey on the effect of drugs. In her attempt to become slimmer, she ended up being a mess herself. Furthermore, she was unable to redeem herself, and eventually ended in the mental asylum. Sara’s son, Harry, also suffered the same fate, when he became a heroin addict. Unfortunately, his actions led him to be arrested during the time that he wanted to redeem himself. Worse, Harry’s arm was amputated. This would be the permanent reminder of Harry’s actions and the consequences he had to face.

            As mentioned earlier, Marion’s addiction was uncontrollable. Her addiction to cocaine became a permanent reason for her to forget her frustrations and heartaches in life. However, Marion experienced the greatest deterioration among the four characters mentioned. Marion never took the chance to redeem herself and start from scratch. Instead, she wallowed in her disappointments and grief, and became a prostitute. Her morality as a person was greatly decreased, for she was exchanging sex for money so that she may be able to fend for her addiction. Quite disappointing, but these are the consequences she chose for her actions.

            However, Tyrone’s predicament was the opposite of Marion’s. Instead of wallowing in disappointments and frustrations, Tyrone wanted to live his life anew. However, it was too late. In his attempt to recreate his life, Tyrone was arrested and imprisoned. The worse part was that he had to deal life in prison and the difficulty of drug withdrawal alone. This particular part of the film showed everyone that regardless of how willing an individual is to start anew, consequences have to be dealt with somewhere in time. Drugs may be used in the procurement of diseases, but must also be used with great care for it can be the main reason for an individual’s destruction. Just as the film reiterated, each one of us are responsible for our own actions.


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