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Research Essay Topics MEB (PG)
What are the benefits of instant Messaging on the workplace? Are these overall beneficial to the companies and individuals?
What is the most effective way to achieve sustainable computer technology?
Is web usability more important than aesthetics in creating effective web design?
Should cloud computing become the future framework for enterprise Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)?
What are the most important approaches that organisations should embrace for dealing with cyber-crime?

Education /TESOL /Linguistics
At what age should a person start to learn a second language?
Is motivation the moat important factor in the acquisition of a second language?
Is electronic media beneficial to children’s education?
Teachers have a major role in motivating students to learn. To what extent do you agree?
Is computer-mediated learning more effective than traditional methods?
Are children better than adult when learning a new language?
Should the role of ICT in secondary school classrooms be increased in the study of mathematics and language?

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Research Topic Pg
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Economics and Business
What factors are behind stock market fluctuations and how do they impact? Which have the most significant impact, and why?
How do government tariffs impact on imported goods? What are the pros and cons of these tariffs and what are the likely future trends?
What is the impact on organisations of implementing corporate social responsibility?
What are the most important factors that influence customer satisfaction when buying online?
What factors influence the implementation of corporate social responsibility in business?

Is fair value accounting measurement an effective method for managers to evaluate their companies’ performance?
What are the benefits and limitations of the International Accounting Standards for developing countries?
Should accountants have a more significant role in corporate decision-making?
How can.

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