Research in Psychology

Research in Psychology

            Child Psychology has been dealt with tremendously as cases of child illnesses in terms of the psychological aspect continuous to subsist. In fact, it can be easily comprehended that psychological illnesses are not, by any means, a viral illness that can be eradicated by technological advancement. It is a kind of illness that needs continuous development and research. Nowadays, child psychologists are slowly becoming worrisome of the current and the future status of their field because of the dwindling focus of expertise on their end (McCandless and Spiker,1956). This research argues that the compromised status of child psychology in recent times can be attributed to the deficiency of child psychologists to provide research contributions in the area both in quantity and quality. This deficiency is caused by two reasons; (1) lack of time, and (2) lack of research equipments and procedures.

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            In every research, a certain amount of time is required to extract all the needed data and information in an accurate manner. Acording to McCandless and Spiker, the job of a child psychologist entails responsibilities that are beyond the capacity to handle a carefully planned out research. Time is essential in gathering all the data needed to establish the consistencies and significance. However, it is also a fact that these research studies can be made overtime collectively within a group of psychologists. If an individual’s time is insufficient in recognizing the significance of the study made out of the extracted data, the painstaking job can be easily alleviated with conjoint data gather; a sort of collective effort by different psychologists to map out the needed study.

            Also, the study in psychology is predominantly done in experimental apparatus and procedures which is worked out for the use of adult clients and are usually not suited for the use of children. These apparatus is deemed of little use to the researchers in child psychology. This is evident to the insignificance of the studies made with the use of these apparatus and procedures as there have been rare useful normative information made available using these set of adult equipments. It can be argued, however, that the lack of apparatus cannot be the sole reason why research is compromised. There must be available resources and methods that would further advance the research of child psychology while there are no available apparatus available for child psychology.

In conclusion, the lack of research in child psychology, which is thought to be compromising the progress of the said field, is attributable to two major factors. First is the importance of time to complete the processes in research and development. Another is the lack of proper experimental apparatus and procedures to aid in the research methods. Both these methods are crucial to the development of child psychology and should be further taken into consideration not just by child psychologists alone but by the entirety of the field of the study of psychology in general.


McCandless, B. & Spiker, C (1956). Experimental Research in Child Psychology. Child Development, Vol. 27, No. 1, 165 -180.


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