Research Methods and Analysis: A Content Analysis on Bad Word Expressions in Relation to the Tendency of Youths

            In this paper, we ask the key main question to guide this research: What is the ratio of youths having behavioral bad word expressions ending up being delinquents? Breaking this down would mean asking three more important questions which pretty much sets the objectives of this investigation. How significant is it that youths with behavioral bad word expression tend to end up being delinquents? Is this kind of behavior a big indicator that a youth is delinquent? And can we say that the severity of this behavior is directly proportional to the tendency of being delinquent of a youth? Focusing on these key questions through the stretch of the course will help the researcher and even the readers not to go astray.

            This research will be done as a Quantitative Method of research. It will try to measure the frequencies of bad word expressions of prospective youths in relation to those who are delinquent and non-delinquent ones. Doing this would mean using an appropriate sample called the “Stratified Sampling.” Here we stratify or categorize first target youths since we cannot just go by any youth. As too young would mean less delinquent possibilities. Too old may not practically be recognized as youth at all. Hence, an age range of 10-25 years old persons has been set. More so, two settings will be chosen to eliminate any bias. One would be at school and one would be on the streets. These stratification techniques would greatly reduce possibility of result and conclusion errors. By the time we clearly stratify our target respondents, we then go random. Time frame would be considered depending on the schedule of the conduction of this research. There is just a little concern though. In school, all students are accounted for and are appropriately grouped into sections and by levels. So, random sampling would not be a problem at school. Not in the case of youths in the children, however. To solve this, we will create draw lots in a school by roaming places like canteen, gym, library, lobbies, etc. In the streets, we will draw by random street names and proceed there. In both settings after the draw, who ever qualified respondent we end up there, we would interview. In this way, we encourage fair randomization since the styles that will be used for both settings are technically similar in a major sense.

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            For the content, we do not need to limit on the most familiar explicit terms. It may be implicit ones as well so long as we can consider them as one of the bad expressional habits. Dirty finger is a great example. Now, we then measure the frequencies of habits of any terms combined. This can be obtained by directly asking the respondents how often do they say or do those kinds of expression. Answer to this, may be various, therefore, we again set ranges for this. It could be like never, sometimes, often times and always. We will then link them to those individuals who have gone delinquent and those who are not. Measuring how many of those with bad expressional words habit are delinquent and how many are not. Tallying the frequencies of their answers to those who are delinquent and those who are not, and then mapping the results out. Of course, statistical methods for gathered data must be used.

            From this point on, conclusions may be drawn to answer each of the different key questions. Then, we may ask those questions again ourselves and see how the results are able to answer these. We may then ask ourselves more questions for resolution like “are we able to answer all of them, completely and reliably?” Ultimately, from there, would go recommendations and hopefully the benefits of this research to the society.


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