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Research Methods encounters Essays

Research Methods

The historical method of research applies to all fields of study because it covers their origins, growth, theories and personalities. In collecting historical data, both quantitative and qualitative variables can be used. The main advantage of this process is that the researcher may be able to learn the background and growth of a particular field of study and understand its organizational culture, current trends, and future possibilities.

Content analysis is used to establish the presence of certain words, concepts, themes, phrases, characters, or sentences within texts or sets of texts and to measure this presence in an objective manner. It is mainly focused on the actual content and internal features of media.

The survey method is a non-experimental, descriptive research method. It is favorable to use this method when a researcher wants to collect data on phenomena which cannot be directly observed, such as assessing the manner and distinctiveness of a wide range of subjects.

Each of the methods that were discussed has its individual characteristics which make it advantageous or disadvantageous when applied to a certain subject. It is therefore important for a researcher to first identify whether which method is suitable and should be used in order to gain accurate results.

As a researcher, I would personally prefer the Historical method of research as it is resilient enough to be applied in various fields of study. All subjects have its own background where one could establish an insight about its origins and be able to use it as a reference in collecting relevant information and uncovering its potential possibilities. I also believe that I can improve upon using this research method because I will be able to explore the different aspects of my subject matter which has significant connection about its basic foundation and monitor the transitions that have occurred since then.


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