Research paper about the Month you were born september 1985


            In the Roman calender1, September was the seventh month while in the Gregorian Calender2, it is the ninth month. During the time of the Emperor Augustus, September has had 30 days, while before that it has had 29 days and 31 days. This is the month which I was born, September, during the year 1985, and with it comes the curiosity to try and figure out which events that shape our future took place in this incredible month. September has always been a harvest month in some countries including the United States of America. As a matter of fact, in Switzerland it is called the Harvest Month, owing to that fact. The Jewish holidays of New Year (Rosh Ha-Shanah), the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), Fast day (Tzom Gedaliah), feast of the tabernacles (Sukkot) and a day of rejoicing (Simhat Torah) fall in the month of September with an exception of some falling in the month of October (Duncan 58).

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            Many individuals prefer giving presents to their loved ones on their birthdays, and one good suggestion would be to give presents according to the month one was born in. The gem for the month of September is sapphire and a sapphire set ring would be a good present. Considering that the morning glory is the flower for the month of September would also make a good present for an individual born during this month such as myself. This month has had its fair share of events, both bad and good, but all in all, most of them are memorable. I would like to take a look back at those events in no particular order.

Events of the Year 1985, Month of September

            The year 1985, in which I was born was considered by the United Nations or rather established as an International Youth Year, and this year started on a Tuesday. It was in this month that saw the crashing of a Douglas DC-9 plane chartered by Midwest Express Airlines, shortly after takeoff from Milwaukee leaving 31 people dead on 6th September 1985 (Hodson 17). It was also in this month on 19th September 1985 that an earthquake that hit the Richter scale at 8.1, hit Mexico destroying property, leaving 95,000 people homeless, another 30,000 injured, while an estimate of 10,000 people dead (Hodson 24). The Plaza Accord, which is an agreement to depreciate the American Dollar by certain countries (5 nations), was also signed in this year 1985 September 22nd (Hodson 34). On 23rd September 1985, Camorra killed an Italian crime reporter by the name of Giancarlo Siani (Hudson 12). The shooting and subsequent death of Dorothy ‘Cherry’ Groce on 28th September 1985, by the Metropolitan Police, sparked off the Brixton race riots in Brixton, South London England (Hudson 13).

            Some of the greats born during this month of September the year 1985 include, Denny Morrison, is a Canadian speed skater September 8th, an English footballer by the name of Jake Cole September 11th, a Spanish motorcycle racer by the name of Dani Pedrossa 29th September, a welsh actress by the name of Kimberley Nixon September 24th and many more that would make the list endless. In the film and movie industry, this was the year that saw the filming of movies such as Rocky IV and Rambo: First Blood Part II, which topped the charts. All in all, this was a great year, and I am proud to have been born in that year, and especially, the Month of September (Hudson 45).


1 Roman Calender was founded during the formation of Rome.

2 Gregorian Calender was introduced by Pope Gregory, and was accepted as a civil calendar.

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