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Research Proposal Essay

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To what extend can International managers develop management training strategies to create a unified global workforce?

Research proposal

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Research Proposal
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Managers in any organization are the people responsible for making sure that all the activities in the work place are well coordinated. “Managers also work towards a goal by helping others do their work and bringing to their understanding marketing and strategic options (Hendry, 1994).” Therefore, they will undertake activities such as planning, directing, controlling, hiring, delegating, assigning, organizing, motivating or disciplining. “Creating and executing strategy in this transformed business environment requires managers to connect, inform and engage people in new ways (Boone, 2000).

The extent to which international managers can offer such training is limitless. New employees get recruited everyday in any organizations and they need to be equipped with the necessary skills so that they can improve the quality of their work. Moreover, “Ideas need to be sharpened and improved on a daily basis in order to cope with the challenges that may arise (Storey, 2004).

” As a result, training the personnel is advisable. Once a leader, always a leader and it is with this notion that managers will offer training to their staff for as long as they see it possible and fit with their budgets.

 The following are the strategies that international managers should use in creating a unified global workforce.

l  Leadership

            The managers should be able to show case their leadership skills during the trainings and make sure that they transmit knowledge and useful skills that they will use to improve their work performance. This is well emphasized in the book, Results-based Leadership p.3 that, “Effective leaders should not only master the attributes of leadership but must connect attributes to results.” Attributes if done well matter; and if done poorly, then leaders cannot be effective. “This leadership attributes that everyone needs to be aware of are: setting direction, mobilizing individuals’ commitment, engender organization capability and demonstrate personal character (McFarlane & Ottewill, 2001).”

l  Resource Availability

The resources that should be used in training should be planned for and arranged in advance so that when the time comes, the trainings will go on swiftly. This will entail making sure that the topics are well researched so that the managers are knowledgeable and can tackle questions asked with ease.

l  Information system and communication

Messages need to be conveyed in proper channeled ways. Effective communication is essential for the success of any business organization. This will be got by engaging in various training programs like business conferences and coaching, workshops or seminars. The purpose of the trainings will to get the message across to others. “The human effort is to discover nature, essence, and dynamics of communication and to learn what communication is and how it works and to develop means of communicating more effectively (Narula, 2006).”

l  Perception of the Leaders

Leaders are viewed as persons who have solutions to almost all the problems that are in the organization. Management training will make people aware that leaders are just like any other person only that they have been trained in this field and therefore will sometimes make faults or misunderstand issues therefore the employees should bare with them in such instances. Respect and understanding will be achieved in this case.

l  Organizational Culture

            In order to create a unified global work force, both employers and employees will need to understand the companies set goals and objectives so that they can work together to ensure that the goals are achieved.  By understanding the organization, one can tell the areas/departments that will require improvement or what needs to be done.

Prevailing Industry and market conditions
It is wise to observe what competitors are doing so that one knows on the areas that will need to be improved on. This will ensure proper planning, budgetary, marketing and promotional strategies are formulated. This will require departments working together thus fostering a unified global work force.


            For the training program to achieve its goal of creating a unified global workforce, managers need to work together with the employees so that what they continue to gain will be put to practice and ensure the continual progress of the business.  In the book, International Business p. 27, there is plenty of room for innovative relations such that once management and labor commit themselves to cooperate, both can benefit from a joint effort producing a product more efficiently than before.


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