Research Proposal on the Origin of Yanadi Tribe in Nellore District of A.P Essay

RESEARCH PROPOSAL ON THE ORIGIN OF YANADI TRIBE IN NELLORE DISTRICT OF A. P Submitted to, Submitted by, Prof. N. Sudhakar rao, P. K. HimaBindu, Dept. of Anthropology. 08ISMA 02 M. A Anthropology Introduction: My area of interest is to find out regarding the origin of Yanadi tribes. It is said in a study by Stanley jaya kumar that in the process of diffusion the Chenchus change as Yanadis. But, it is not clear regarding his explanation. So, I took this as an area of study to find out the ground realities.

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Research Proposal on the Origin of Yanadi Tribe in Nellore District of A.P
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Significance: There is a variation between the Yanadi tribe and the Chenchu tribe but the researchers who have done their research on this tribe haven’t brought out the clear cut differentiation. Probing is not done and the reasons given by the tribes are taken for-granted. So, I hope my study would get some details regarding their Origin. Review of literature: -Jayakumar , G. Stanley, “Tribals from Tradition to Transition” (A study on Yanadi tribe of Andhra Pradesh), @1995, M D Publications Pvt.

Ltd. , New Delhi.

Statement of research problem: As the Yanadis became a part and parcel of the Chenchus, it is difficult to differentiate them. Even though we differentiate, as generations have passed on without knowing the distinction people might not be knowing the actual realities. Objectives of research: 1. To trace out their ancestors; 2. To analyze their process of diffusion; 3. To study the nearby communities and trace their similarities and differences; 4. To understand their religious practices, through which their origin can be traced out.

Area of your research: I would like to carry out my research in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh which consists of maximum number of Yanadis population. Research design: I would be using explanatory method. As the data in this study can’t be quantified or extracted by survey method, I would be explaining the information through explanation. Data: Nellore district, which is the home of the Yanadi tribes has a total population of tribes in A. P is 1,572,627 and that of Yanadis is 205,925.

In Nellore district it is 103,123 according to 1981 census. Techniques: I would carry out my research by using various tools and techniques: * By obtaining their genealogies; * By obtaining case studies of various people; * Carrying out interviews by using the probing technique; Time: It approximately takes 6 months to collect the above mentioned data. And some 1 month more analyze the data. Budget: Rs. 50,000 would be the total budget which includes accommodation, food, stationery, etc. , for the whole 7 months.

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