Research Proposal Thesis, Major Points, & Plan Essay

Research Proposal-Thesis, Major Points, and Plan The topic I will be writing on will be, “Should changes be made to the regulations for food that are served in public schools? ” Our children are being fed unhealthy food and it needs to stop! Good nutrition is very important to our health and there is a high level of concern these days. I have 4 children and 2 of them are teenagers. They are always saying how unhealthy and horrible their lunch is. I have looked at the lunch menus and they are right.

Most of their food is fried and I am appalled to what they are serving our children.

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Research Proposal Thesis, Major Points, & Plan
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I take high interest in this topic is because I want my children to be healthy and I am also concerned about the facts that over 63. 1% of adults in the US were either overweight or obese in 2009 and I am sure that it has gotten worse since then. I would like to provide evidence that it has a lot to do with what our children are eating every day at school.

I also know that it has a lot to do with what they are eating at home as well but there are many children who are eating breakfast and lunch at school.

I don’t feel that every school in the nation is feeding our children unhealthy food, but here in the state of Utah, the food is ridiculous and extremely bad for our children. I feel that American families, school board, PTA, School District of each state, and the government need to know and understand what is at stake here. The answers and facts that I hope to provide will be whether or not it is causing our children to develop bad eating habits, what percent does unhealthy food in schools contribute to the US obese problems, and also if it is contributing to other health issues or diseases.

I plan to pull from several primary sources such as the National Association of State Boards of Education website, The National Academies Press website, and GovTracks. us website.. I also plan to use a few secondary sources such as Food Politics, Hoboken Patch article, WebMD, and Let’s Move websites. I have several other sources that I will use. That is just to name a few. Outline 1. Topics A. “Should changes be made to the regulations for food that are served in public schools? ” 2. Thesis statement A. “Our children are being fed unhealthy food and it needs to stop! ” 3. Questions to be answered

B. 63. 1% of Adults in the US were either overweight or obese in 2009 and is possibly higher. What is it today? C. What are our children being fed in public schools? D. Is it causing our kids to develop bad eating habits? E. Are public schools to blame for overweight children? F. Could this contribute to other health issues or diseases? 4. Audience A. American Families/Parents B. School Boards around the U. S. C. PTA Clubs around the U. S. D. School Districts around the U. S. 5. Sources A. National Association B. State Boards of Education website C. The National Academies Press website

D. GovTracks. us website E. Food Politics F. Hoboken Patch article G. WebMD H. Let’s Move websites I. Please see Site’s listed below http://nasbe. org/healthy_schools/hs/bytopics. php? topicid=3115&catexpand=acdnbtm_catc http://www. nap. edu/openbook. php? record_id=11899&page=103 http://www. webmd. com/diet/news/20100210/percentage-of-overweight-obese-americans-swells http://www. foodpolitics. com/2011/01/harvard-forum-who-decides-what-your-children-eat/ http://hoboken. patch. com/articles/school-lunch-standards-to-take-effect-this-year http://www. letsmove. gov/healthy-schools

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