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Proposal 1: An English Proficiency Case Study on children who were taught the English language during pre-school and those in elementary.

Objective 1: The purpose of the study is to identify in which level of the learning process the English language should be best taught for Korean students to achieve excellent results.

Methodology 1: Two groups of children who have been learning the English language will be studied - Research Proposals Essay introduction. One group is composed of those who started formal education (either one of the subjects being studied or a formal class in the academy) in the English language in pre-school. The other group is composed of children who had formal education of the English language in elementary school, specifically in their third grade. Both groups will be given a proficiency test level in the English language composed of both written and oral tests in order to identify which group is more proficient of the English language.


Proposal 2: A study on the efficiency of IPA (International Phonetics Alphabet) on elementary school students in learning the English language.

Objective 2: This study is to find out the efficiency of the IPA in teaching Korean children the proper articulation and pronunciation of the English language.

Methodology 2: The study will be conducted within a group of Korean elementary school students who studies English as a Second Language for four weeks. Every week, the teacher or facilitator will be teaching the students five IPA symbols and its proper articulations. Various exercises will be conducted in order for the students to support the learning process. At the end of the week, the teacher/facilitator will be giving oral exams that will gauge the students’ improvement in the proper articulation of the sounds. The oral exams will at the same time identify the IPA sounds which most Koreans students have problems with.


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