Research Question (Qualitative) Essay

Research Question (Qualitative)

Is there a grieving process that women who have recently miscarried go through?

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Research Question (Qualitative) Essay
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This research question can be effectively studied using the qualitative research method - Research Question (Qualitative) Essay introduction? The qualitative research method is used when the research objective is to explore specific phenomena that have not been investigated before. The assumptions of using a qualitative method are that the research should be studied in a natural setting and from a multiple perspective (Mason, 1996). The grieving process unique to women who have undergone miscarriages can be identified and described using qualitative methods. The qualitative method focuses on the experiences and relies on research instruments like in-depth interviews, case-studies and focused group discussions to derive the data for the study. The qualitative research method results to a more rich data since it make use of the experiences, feelings and thoughts of the subjects.

Since the objective of the research question is to determine a process the qualitative method is more appropriate while this cannot be studied using questionnaires or a survey that are quantitative in nature. Besides, not all women have undergone miscarriages therefore the research subjects are a specific group and thus do not qualify as a normally distributed phenomenon which is a prerequisite for most quantitative research methods. The data gathered in qualitative research methods are words, phrases and pictures (Silverman, 2001) which can be analyzed through the use of situational analysis or finding the commonalities and differences within the responses of the participants which suits the research question since grieving is an emotional rollercoaster.

Research Question (Quantitative)
What factors predict good marital communication?

This research question can be adequately studied using the quantitative research method. The quantitative method focuses on numbers and statistics which aims to classify, count and construct models in an effort to understand the behavior being studied (Creswell, 1994). The factors that predict good marital communication can be identified and categorized through the use of questionnaires which have been designed to specifically measure the said factors. Moreover, communication factors have already been established in previous researches and can therefore be identified   before hand. Quantitative research methods are more efficient as it can test hypothesis and is strictly objective (Mitchell & Jolley, 2004). Since the research question focuses on factors that predict good communication, it is a precise and quantifiable phenomenon that does not need subjective experiences.  On the other hand, factors of good communication is a prevalent aspect of human relationships and even if the research question specifically asks about marital communication, most of the factors usually are true to everyone therefore it is a normally distributed. The quantitative research method is geared towards deriving generalizations from the results of the study to aid the researcher in predicting, explaining and understanding the behavior. The question also implies that it can be generalized and applied to all therefore it needs to measure the behavior using a larger number of respondents that can be easily measured by the survey method.


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