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Research Report on Abortion

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  • Pages 4
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    Abortion Executive Summary For the course “Reporting In English” a small research about the topic abortion has been done. In this report an explanation of the research concerning abortion will be given. The main question of the research is: What are the attitudes and beliefs concerning abortion of people nowadays?. In chapter 1 a brief introduction is provided including the research question and sub-questions as well as general summary of the research topic “abortion”. In chapter 2 the kind of research methods that are used for the research are explained.

    The main 2 methods that were used were a desk research to start the research and questionnaires to gather several opinions about the topic of the research. In chapter 3 the results obtained through the questionnaires have been described. In chapter 4 the results obtained have been discussed and analyzed. Several relations have been made between the results of the questionnaires. Furthermore, relations have been made between opinions about abortion and the religions of the respondents. Through these relations different conclusions have been drawn about the topic abortion.

    In the last chapter the conclusion of the research on abortion Is drawn. Some important results have been shown and the mall research has been answered. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Research method 3. Results 4. Discussion 5. Conclusion References p. 8/10 p. 11 Introduction Worldwide, each year 46 million women have an abortion. Numerous women face an abortion during the fertile period of their lives. Some of them subsequently are faced with processing difficulties. Recently, there has been a research in the field of abortion among young women in New Zealand.

    The main reason of choosing abortion is because of future perspectives. Women under the age of 21 were asked questions on their education, income, independence of social authority and domestic violence. After closely analyzing these factors, education turned out to make a significant difference between the two groups. The girls who have chosen for abortion turned out to be on the same page as girls who have never been in a pregnancy. After reviewing this example in New Zealand, it is the aim to observe the mind set of people in the Netherlands in order to see if there is any comparison that can be dad between these two countries.

    Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to viability. (Wisped, 2012) The main research question is: What are the attitudes and beliefs concerning abortion of people nowadays? The purpose of the research is to create a broader mindset of the thoughts behind this topic of students. Therefore, research needs to be done based on surveys and desk research. The research question is followed by a number of sub-questions, which are: * Is there a cohesion between religious people and non-religious people concerning abortion? In general, do people prefer adoption above abortion? Research method The following research methods have been used to gather formation for the research: * Desk Research * Surveys For the general background information on abortion, desk research has been used. Desk research is a fast and effective way to gather the information that was needed to start the research on abortion. Furthermore, surveys have been used . The surveys helped to gain quantitative information. Several responses about abortion have been collected with the surveys.

    According to inhuman” is the least chosen response. To answer the sub question ” Is there a cohesion between religious people and non- religious people concerning abortion? ” the opinions about abortion have been compared with the different religions of the respondents. It revealed that the respondents who have a religion mainly have the opinion that having an abortion is selfish or inhuman. In contrast, the respondents who do not have any religion have the opinion that having an abortion is understandable. See table 1 . Table: 1 Opinion about abortion I Opinion about abortion I I Religion Inhuman Christian

    Through these two research methods, a response to the main question has en searched of the report, which is: What are the attitudes and beliefs of people concerning abortion nowadays? The research has shown that, in general, people strongly agree with the fact that adoption is a better alternative to abortion. The largest group of the respondents who filled in the survey is the group of none religion. This group thinks that abortion is an understandable choice to make. Taking all the results in consideration the conclusion can be made that 57 % of the respondents thinks that abortion is understandable, which is quit a high result.

    Furthermore, of all the religions, Christians are more likely to understand the choice of abortion. Finally, the results that were achieved during the research are satisfying and the results that were necessary have been found. Number of words: 983 words * WISPED. (2012). Abortion. Retrieved 14 March, 2012 from http en. Wisped. Org/wick/Abortion * Centum boor Relationship en Contemporaneousness. (2012). Oversubscribing. Retrieving 14 March, from https://www. Cruz. Be/nil/cottage. Asp? I=32 Appendix 1 . SURVEY ABORTION A positive pregnancy test is usually a cause for great Joy, but sometimes also for despair.

    When a high school student becomes pregnant, they are faced with a very difficult choice. Are you going to keep your child? If a woman has an unwanted pregnancy in the Netherlands, she has the right to choose for adoption, elsewhere in the world less or not at all. But having the treatment can take place until 24 weeks gestation, before the fetus is viable outside the womb and an abortion may be performed in clinics and hospitals that are authorized. Since there are various opinions about abortion, we have chosen to investigate these for our research report. We need your help by achieving our goal.

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