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Research Revision

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Instructions: This step has two different parts:
1. Revise and improve your research paper according to your GRST instructor’s and the OWC tutor’s feedback. The goal is to significantly improve your draft’s original score in all four areas of the GRST rubric.
2. Next, answer the Revision Report questions. See the ten questions below and post your answers on Blackboard.Assignment Goal: Receive feedback from your GRST instructor and from an OWC tutor, think critically about the feedback, and apply that feedback to improve your paper and writing process.

Significantly improve your original score in all four areas of the GRST Research Paper Grading Rubric.Instructions: Revise and improve your paper. Next, in a separate document, respond to the feedback you received during the course by answering the following questions. Use at least 40 words per question.
1. Was the feedback helpful? Why or why not? The feedback was very helpful. I found it to be thorough and it helped me realize a lot of my common mistakes that I did not initially realize.

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Research Revision
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2. What surface level problems do you have? The problems that I have are formatting. For instance, placing the comma in the correct place, ensuring my margins are aligned properly, and I write too much for the introduction when it can be shortened down to bring light to the thesis statement.
3. What deep level problems do you haveSome of the deep level problems I have is my content. Sometimes I go off on a tangent when I write and do not stay with the primary content of my paper. I need to have better flow in my paper.
4. Based on the feedback, what are your major weaknesses as a writerMy major weaknesses as a writer are omitting the year of publication when citing an authors work. The feedback was helpful in showing the proper way to cite an authors work by including the year of publication in the beginning.
5. Which step of the writing process will help you…

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