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I read Michael Lewis’ 2006 The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game book because I always have an interest in sports. My initial ideas about the book changed after I read it. This is because I never thought that the book describes a person’s life. Instead, I thought that it dwells on sports.  I was however thrilled to learn that a person like Michael Oher could change from a person who seemed to have a dull future due to his background to such a celebrity thanks to his hidden athletic talents. I am glad for having chosen to read this book. This is because I have known that a person may have hidden talents which are not obvious to himself but when they practice the talent, he can do wonders.

The author of this book is Michael Lewis. He shows us that people may have the capacity of doing things but they may not know of such abilities. Moreover, when one gets a chance to exercise their potentiality, they can realize their talent (Michael, 2006). I can recommend this text to my sporting friends. This is because Lewis keeps sports fans updated on what is going in the field of sports.

 The key element in the book’s plot is sports. The main characters are Michael Oher, his mother, Sean, and Leigh Anne. Anne and Leigh Sean adopt Oher. The 4 are the main characters because we first see the state that Oher was in with his mother. Moreover, we see how Oher was adopted. Lastly we see how he became a professional in sports.

The most interesting element in the story is the change that Oher undergoes. First, he never knew his name, his father or his birthday. He also never knew how to write. From all such deficiencies, Oher however emerged to be an educated professional player.

There is nothing I did not like in this book. It was easy for me. I can thus rank it’s excellence at position nine out of ten. This is because it has no complex words. It is written in simple language.

 The major theme of this book is love. Michael was adopted due to the transcending love of those who adopted him. He schooled due to the hosts’ affection. He also did sports due to their love. Finally, he became a professional.


Michael, Lewis (2006). The blind side: Evolution of a game. New York:  W. W. Norton & Company.


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