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Response Paper

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Response Paper

Student A

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Response Paper
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The number of researches devoted to evidence-based medicine proves that this practice is gaining more and more attention. Some may argue that evidence-based medicine is simply modernization of old principles, but it is not true. Instead, evidence-based medicine is a combination of the past experiences with modern clinical expertise. I agree with the student that evidence-based medicine is not limited to research and evidence. For me, evidence-based medicine is medical philosophy that aims at finding the best suitable solution for particular patient.

(Davis et al., 1995) Therefore, evidence-medicine should be taught and practiced. Tutorials are of great help for this purpose as they provide detailed information, graphs and diagrams addressing interesting points, clinical expertise and clinical decisions. Of course, evidence-based medicine should be viewed as affective way to improve initiatives and clinical decisions. From student’s practical experience we see that evidence-based medicine has assisted him in choosing the best practice decisions.

Student B

From this response we see that the student is neophyte in evidence-based medicine, but he seems to be greatly interested in it as far as he came across the unknown information.

Evidence-based medicine offers excellent opportunity to utilize source, to categorize information and organize it in necessary way. (Sibley, 1982) And that is the key benefit for many students who are on a par with figures and numbers. I agree that evidence-based practice plays important role in medicine, and further research is needed to extend existing information about its opportunities and limitations. Medical field is swiftly changing as new methods of treatment appear. Thus, evidence-based medicine recommends forgetting what has been learnt in school and to become open to new information. Medical community should be equipped with knowledge of new available techniques and practices.


Davis, D A, et al. (1995). Changing Physician Performance. A Systematic Review of the Effect of Continuing Medical Education Strategies. JAMA, 274, pp. 700-701.

Sibley, J. C. (1982). A Randomized Trial of Continuing Medical Education. N Engl J Med, 306, pp. 511-515.

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