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Response to how globalization conquers poverty Essays

Response to how globalization conquers poverty

            Globalization is an extremely important idea in terms of helping countries get over the hump of poverty. Over the years, those countries that have been able to pull themselves out of poverty and into relative wealth have been able to do so because other countries were able to buy their products. This applies more to those countries that have the inherent ability to efficiently produce a good that can be consumed by the more developed nations of the world, but the idea remains the same. Without globalization, developing nations will continue and struggle with their economic development.
            The alternatives to this type of economic development depend almost completely upon foreign aid. As has been proven time and again, foreign aid is only a band aid and it only does enough to help people survive. If a country really wants to thrive and pull itself up like Sweden has done over the last 100 years, then it must have the ability to compete in the global market. This is possible because of the freedom that exists in the global market. For the most part, the only thing that separates countries there is a barrier of economic exchange. If a country can provide a quality good at a lower price, then they should be allowed to reap the benefits of that. The statistics mentioned in the article support the idea that this type of global economy is positive for both developing nations and those countries that are already fully developed. Since each can benefit mutally from the exchange of goods, it is easy to see how globalization is an overall positive event for the economy of the world.

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