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Restorative Justice Essay

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In review of the “Burglary Case Study” I would say that the offenders would be handle totally different in the criminal justice system as opposed to restorative justice.

The offenders in this case would be tried as juveniles and sent to a juvenile detention center in order to pay for the crime they committed. In the criminal justice system the “central focus is: offenders getting what they deserve”. Zehr, H. (2002).

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The central focus in restorative justice is different as stated “central focus: victim needs and other offender responsibility for repairing them”.

Zehr, H. (2002).In this case the victim’s needs would be met knowing that the offenders are punished for the crime they committed and he no longer have to live in fear not knowing who violated him and if they would come back.

The offenders would be punished for their actions and taught the lesson that if you do the crime you do the time and in order to remain in the free world you must adhere to the laws and keep out of trouble.

Two restorative principles or concepts I would add to the criminal justice system would be to “focus on the harm and consequent needs of the victims, as well as the communities’ and the offenders”. Zehr, H. (2002).

I would implement this principle because it not only focuses on punishing the offender but it humanizes the situation to where all parties involved needs are met. Whether it be rehabilitation, counseling, or anything of the sort in order to get the best outcome for the victim and the help that the offender need to learn how to correct their wrong. I would also incorporate the 5th principle which is to “seek to put right the wrongs”. Zehr, H.

(2002). Incarceration in my opinion is not always the answer but having the offender take responsibility for their actions and work to fix the problem they created is a great way to right the wrong.It gives the offender the ability to take ownership and make amends showing remorse for their actions and allows them to see the wrong in their actions. For the victim sometimes an apology is what’s needed, being able to understand why the offender committed the crime in the first place, what drove the offender brings a better understanding.

This however is no excuse but it’s certainly the root of the issue which can assist with the turnaround of the offender.

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