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Highly organized and enthusiastic professional, seeking a position with advancement opportunities where I can utilize my energy, enthusiasm and excellent communication skills.

Ø  Uncommon enthusiasm, motivation and excellent team relationships.

Ø  Profound ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Ø  Solid knowledge of generally accepted accounting practices and principles.

Ø  Sound knowledge of computer applications related to the work.

Ø  Immense knowledge of standard office practices and procedures.

Ø  Remarkable knowledge of applicable laws, codes and regulations.

Ø  Strong ability to maintain accurate financial records and preparing clear and accurate reports for informational, auditing and operational use.

Ø  Remarkable ability to review and verify accuracy of data.

Ø  Deep ability to gather data, compile information, and prepare reports.

Ø  Great ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with co-workers and clients.

Ø  Broad working knowledge of office computer software including Microsoft office, Windows, and Explorer.

Ø  Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin languages.


University of Western Ontario

Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies
2005- Present
§  Finance and Administration Specialization

§  Graduating: summer 2009

Canadian International School of Hong Kong

High School
§  Ontario Scholar and Honor Roll (Over 80% average)


Deloitte HK Summer Internship

Summer Intern
August 2008

August 2007

May-July 2006
August 2008

4 weeks of on-the-job training in Audit Department (group 20)

ú   Increased my knowledge in the audit field.

ú   Collected, compiled, and conducted preliminary data analysis for company audits.

ú   Prepared appropriate documents showing the extent of the examination, a basis for the selection of tests performed and the results of the tests performed.

ú   Gained exceptional knowledge of principles, theories, techniques and practices of modern accounting and auditing to conduct audits, evaluations, and other reviews related to financial integrity.

August 2007

4 weeks of on-the-job training in Audit Department (group 19)

ú   Responsible for interacting with client, solving manager’s query, stock tick, reconcile draft for consolidation, etc.

ú   Gained remarkable knowledge of generally accepted accounting practices and applicable laws, codes and regulations related to audit.

May-July 2006

3 weeks of classroom training and 12-weeks on-the-job training in Audit (group 16) and Tax Department (IAS)

ú   Responsible for assisting senior/manager such as reconcile financial statements, updating client’s record, etc.

ú   Understood Deloitte’s audit approach and importance of teamwork.

ú   Took part in meetings and training programs related to audit.

ú   Gained knowledge of standard office practices and procedures.

Vietnam’s Orphanage

ú   Responsible for leading the daily activities and interacting with the children.

ú   Created activities which are beneficial for the children.

Tsan Yuk Hospitals

ú   Interacted with elder.

ú   Created a presentation for personal health care.


The University of Western Ontario’s Hong Kong Connection

Finance Director
ú   Responsible for managing club’s finance.

ú   Prepared projected P/L and cash budget for club’s events.

Finance Executive
ú   Responsible for a wide range of developmental duties, including networking with corporate and individual donors.

ú   Responsible for designing promotional events and fundraising activities, and balancing an advertising budget.

Canadian International School of Hong Kong Basketball A Team

Team Leader
ú   Awarded MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the year.



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