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Retail garden center Essays

            Agway is a wholesale company with four-hundred sixty stores throughout the Northeast.  Agway is a lawn and garden store, a nursery, and a farm center that also sells pet and wild bird supplies.  Individual stores may sell products in all of the categories or they may choose according to the market in their area.
Home and Garden Products
Agway stores sell a variety of home and garden products.  In the lawn care department they sell such products including grass seeds, lawn and plant foods, fertilizers, plants, flower, seeds, and compost.  Some of the lawn care equipment they offer is composters and seeders, hoses and sprinklers, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, spreaders, pruners and shears and numerous other products.  They also sell products such as grills, lawn and patio furniture, and pool supplies.
Pet Products and Wild Bird Supplies
Agway’s pet products include pet foods, healthcare products, grooming supplies, toys, leashes, leads and portable fenced yards.
They sell such wild bird supplies as food, birdhouses, birdfeeders, and birdbaths.
Bulk Products
Many products are sold in larger quantities, either by pallet, large sized container or by the case to meet the needs of landscapers, contractors and businesses.
Newsletters and Events
Agway publishes three monthly newsletters including a Lawn and Garden newsletter, a Pet newsletter, and a Wild Bird newsletter.  Agway also hosts various events such as free seminars on topics like Backyard Habitat for Birds and Butterflies.  In November and December stores also offer an opportunity to have pet photo’s taken with Santa.
            Hewitt’s Garden Center has been in business for thirty years.  They are the fifth largest independent garden center in the country, serving various areas in upstate New York.  They provide quality garden products, service and information.
Lawn Care Products
Hewitt’s sells product brands known for their quality and excellence including Ortho, Miracle Grow, the Netherlands Bulb Company, Sunterra and Artline.
Their product line includes flowers, bulbs, fertilizers, soil, mulch, yard ornaments, garden sheds and much more.
Landscaping services are a popular service offered by Hewitt’s.  They also create beautiful silk flower arrangements.  Hewitt’s Information Center will keep you informed about all the latest gardening tips, techniques and products.
In the Community
Hewitt’s, Peter Bowden does segments on local television news broadcasts giving gardening advice for every season including the winter months.  He also publishes Peter Bowden’s Gardening Magazine.
Customer Incentives
Hewitt’s also has a Garden Club that customers can join to earn free merchandise.  They also offer gift certificates which are always a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day.
            The main differences between these two retail garden centers is that Agway offers a wider range of products, while Hewitt’s specializes primarily in lawn and gardening products.  Both companies are involved with the public, although Agway caters more to it’s store customers while Hewitt’s tends to be more involved with the community overall.  Hewitt’s and Agway are both great stores that offer a wide variety of gardening products at reasonable prices.

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