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Retail Stores Essays

They type of location that I visited was Art Van furniture store. This store is located close to my home in Warren MI. It is on 14 Mile Rd. and Van Dyke. The store sits on a main street with a huge sign that can be seen from about a half a mile away. This store is great for those who are in the market for furniture. The target market would be the middle working class. They offer moderate prices and furniture that would most likely appeal to this class of individuals.

This major furniture store has a unique way of advertisement, not only do they offer the sales within the local paper, they run a variety of commercials on television along with commercials that are in rotation on local radio stations, promotions via email, and coupons sent through the mail. Art Van not only has the top name brand choices but a knowledgeable and well trained staff that can offer assistance with making the right choice in your furniture needs.

The staff at Art Van is able to explain product knowledge, has great ideas, can recommend a wide assortment of different types of furniture, color schemes, qualities and room planning. This is great for the uninformed consumer or the consumer that just needs a little help with their purchase. The products that they have to offer are in most locations and are also offered online as a convenience to purchasers who may not live close to an Art Van store or those who prefer to shop online. If a particular item is not in stock they have the ability to order that item factory direct.

Art Van does extend a policy of kindness along with giving prompt service and providing great customer care to accommodate there customers. They lay out within the Art Van store is pretty much the same at all locations which makes it easier to locate the item that you may have seen at a another location that may have not been in stock at that time. The store does run great promotions and all sales are for all locations. The salesperson does take their time with you to make you feel as if you were apart of the Art Van family to which I feel is very good to feel welcomed just as you approach the store.

They often show the items that are on sale and offer a variety of different colors along with different styles just as shown in the the sales paper. What I have noticed is that the return policy is better than I have ever seen before where they offer 100% money back guarantee, a replacement policy any items that are defective; you can make an identical furniture purchase in our service area for a lower amount (including local delivery charges) within 30 days of your purchase date, we will refund the difference plus an additional 10% of the difference. See store for details. They also offer a one year free service warranty.

The Art Van cooperation has been around since 1959, a young businessman by the name of Art Van Elslander targeted the Furniture chain has grown within those years . The reason this chain has grown and is still around I want to bet it’s the great service they offer and low prices I would recommend this store to anyone. The first objective in marketing is discovering the needs of perspective customers (Kerin, R. A. , Hartley, S. W. , Berkowitz, E. N. , Rudelius, W. (2011). This is where effective marketing comes into play. Art Van has been successful in doing so and this is why they remail a leader in furniture sales.

References Art Van Furniture http://www.artvan.com/Furniture/Store/Content_TSG_10001_10052_-1?ICID=FT-TSG Kerin, R.A., Hartley, S.W., Berkowitz, E.N., Rudelius, W. (2011). Marketing (10th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9780073529936

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