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Short Story Retirement Speech

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Time passes by like a shooting star passing the sky in just a blink of an eye I’m starting to write this retirement speech. Writing this speech ain’t an easy task this speech is the conclusion of my whole life time in lembaga pengawas ZZZ… HAHA… damn serious feels like i am getting older as i wrote this zzz…

I’m not a serious person as every single prefect and most of the student know i don’t really like to enforce on the school rules but yet i try to avoid myself (if i choose to) and the person around me from getting into trouble with the school rule as the school rule is always right and we as the students are always wrong don’t you agree?

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Short Story Retirement Speech
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HAH…Although i don’t agree to some rule of the school but as a blue shirt i cannot refuse the rule nor can i change the rule because i am going against the whole government zzz… Well that is it for the school for the form 4 juniors … actually i really got nothing to say but haiz people with leadership comes with ego people without ego cannot lead you all i really do hope you all can mix around more and learn from each other the good in others.

Till now the day i wrote this long and boring speech i still can’t see the best of my form 4 juniors i know every single one of you can be a perfect prefect but none of you have chosen the path on becoming the best among your friends.

At last, i only got this sentences to give you competition doesn’t mean enemy and enemy will at last become your friend if you would take the first step to forgive and forget… So form 4 you all choose yourself want you want to be I can’t force you into something you don’t want…. ZZZ

Well for the Form 3 (if you get a chance to look at this speech) Form 3 you all are friends somehow I see you all I just cannot treat you all like the juniors I am supposed to I don’t know why but Haiz… You all I can see everyone are good friends no much gang problem have quite a strong bond of friendship this bring you all an advantage in your duty if you know the correct way to manipulate it and with all advantage it brings disadvantage to your sonn to be AJK senior I will not tell you what is it but I really don’t hope you all use the disadvantage to your advantage… Also please bulk up stop your HAPPY –GO-LUCKY attitude… that is not a good attitude to have n a junior only I could have this attitude HAHA as I don’t need to be a strict prefect to finish my job but you all still got a long way to go before you know your real responsibility so get rid of that attitude…. HAHA… Seniors Form 5 Lol feels so weird talking to you all so (TOOT) formal well only thing I can say is I had fun throughout all these years with all of you through hari guru pelantikan ; persaraan thank you for all your help thank for the happiness you bring to all us thank you everyone zzz… Others thing I think I prefer to talk to you all personally …. So this ends my speech of retirement which I feel damn boring and long winded well bye for good maybe HAHA….

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