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Review on Black Comedy

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Review on “Black Comedy”Journal Entry for “Black Comedy”Dear Journal:I have never been so exhausted in my entire life and now I have time to sleep and do some schoolwork. I know this is a day late and I am sorry, but Sunday I just couldn’t function anymore. During the production of “Black Comedy” I learned how to speak with a Standard British and Cockney dialect, was able to participate in the erection and demolition of a big set, and realized how much actors rely on each other during a performance.

This production was hard, but an enjoyable learning experience. Never in my life had I used a British accent or a Cockney, now that I think of it. It was really hard for me to get that all down. Chris really did his job by pounding it away into our brains with all the packets and tapes. I had to watch “My Fair Lady” to get that wonderful Cockney down.

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Review on Black Comedy
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Dialect work was the topic of our second rehearsal with little comments throughout the production.

Oh what a lovely set we had! With some measurements that were missing or wrong. All Hail Jim! I really enjoyed being a part of the group and helping put the set together. I was so glad to hear that there would be a second work call because I hadn’t been able to attend the first. We started out that morning by putting the upstairs platform up, the stairs, the flats, and then paint. We ended that night by painting the stage a nice brown color and we were out of there at eleven o’clock. It took an awfully long time to put the set up, yet it took about three and a half hours to pull it all down. It was all over when all there was left to do was sweep the floor. Since this was only my second play I realized that with a small cast as “Black Comedy” had each actor must work together and know the other actors’ lines. When someone would miss or forget a line, another actor would have to either help them get back to where they should be or go with it. I learned just how important cue lines were in this production. They tell you were you should be in your blocking, in the play, and who’s line is next. A way that helped me learn my lines this time around was when I thought I knew them I would write them down and then go back over them with the script in my hand. It was really confusing when it came time to say my lines and move with the blocking that was given to me. Repetition is what I was told and I know that is what eventually helped me. Even though we faced multiple problems like the set and replacing an actor at the last moment we still did an awesome job. I was proud of everyone for their hand in this production. Now everyone can get some well deserved sleep and catch up on their school work. And the answer is yes, I did just B.S. my way through this entire paper.

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