Review Teammates Documents Essay

Review Teammates Documents

Heller document:

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Review Teammates Documents Essay
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            Overall, the document was clear and concise because the reader could easily determine its purpose, which was to request for information - Review Teammates Documents Essay introduction. The information given by the author was complete and accurate. The information requested from the reader was also specific and clear, which makes it easier for the reader to understand what the author was asking for. The author is commended on how the information of the auditor was highlighted through the use of a separate line and by bolding it making it easier for the reader not to confuse the letter with a different company or firm. The language used was appropriate for the situation. However, there are some minor grammatical errors seen on the document such as the use of “at” with a date (first line). It is also recommended to change “as of” to “until” in the fourth line. Another suggestion is to give a reason as to why the reader should furnish the requested information as quickly as possible so as not to sound too demanding.

Gorsica document:

            The purpose of this document was to thank the client for availing the services of the firm, and this was clearly indicated at the start of the letter. It was short and should not take much of the reader’s time, which is preferable because readers should not become too bored in reading the letter. The letter provided enough information to the reader indicating what the firm has accomplished and what the reader should expect from the Copyright Office. It also stated that the firm has completed the transaction and was terminating its services with the client. The language used was easy to read and was not confusing or misleading. However, it used the term “firm” too much. It is also suggested that the numbers be spelled out, especially because they are less than 10. Lastly, it is recommended to ask if the client wants to be included in the mailing list rather than assume that he or she wants to receive a monthly letter.

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