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Review: The Play “Bad Man”

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The Play Bad Man is a puzzling play. There are several reasons why this play is so puzzling. For starters that you have a character named Thea, who is feared by the entire Sawmill Camp and has been a major part of physical conflict. He is also a murder who later becomes a hero. The unique conception of forming a villain into a hero was phenomenal. Even though Thea had a lifetime of devilish acts, for the final day of his life his performance was sanctified.

The lesson taught in this play is that there is good in all of us. You just have to find the key to release it.

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Review: The Play “Bad Man”
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The Deacons Awakening is a movement reflective play. It reflects the effects that the movement brought on families. In this play the amendment was passed for women to vote. The play illustrates a small portion of what the women of our nation had to go through to vote. Not only did women have to break through barriers of the land, but also of the man.

We have to understand as people that we have came a long way as far as our social standings are concerned. Never forget that women have come even farther than men.

In the Amen Corner Margaret is considered the main character. She is dealing with many different dilemmas. Even though she is a pastor of a church, she is still not living right. Margaret’s judgement of other people, her not confronting her present problems, and her not having her life in order all catches up with her in the end. Margaret has a lot of turmoil in her life. With her life not in order it is hard for her to preach to her congregation and tell them how to live. It was not until she got herself together, when things changed for the better.

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