Revolutionizing American’s Schools Essay

Any school education system should be structured in a way that it addresses the needs of the entire society - Revolutionizing American’s Schools Essay introduction. For instance, the graduates from a particular education system should have the required skills that are on demand by the industries and other business organizations. An education system that produces graduates who cannot solve the rising demand of human capital in industries and business organization simply because there is no mis-match of the skills obtained from the system and those required in the market should immediately be changed and revolutionized.

This is the first step towards fast development and should only be achieved through combined efforts of the entire government, the education ministry, the stakeholders and other philanthropists. It is believed that US is the world’s leading economy with the most modern technological advances and innovations (Ghosh & Morrison, 1984). The current public education system in the US should therefore be revolutionized to acquire a new public education system. This new system will empower the graduates with more systematic and relevant skills, broad ways of thinking as well as presenting ideas that can contribute to the rising productivity.

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The new public education system shall also focus on strengthening of fundamental human freedom, respect for the rights of the people and address on the full development of the personality of human beings. It shall create free minds among the public such that everyone can fully participate in the community’s cultural life as well as share in the advancements of sciences and the benefits that it brings front with. Structure and organization of the new public education system are the key determinants of the success or failure of the system (Gran, 1996).

For long-term success, the two classes of secondary schools and gymnasium that offer basic education should be merged to form one class in the new system so as to cut down resources. School attendance in the new system should also not be compulsory in the high school level but willing students should be allowed to join vocational schools after the elementary level. This suggests that there should be more creation of vocational schools in the new public education system that should admit students with minimum qualifications but with the required skills and talents.

There should be creation of more colleges and universities for offering post-secondary education since the number of high school graduates are on the rise as more private schools register to offer high school education. Constant organization and communication should therefore be encouraged to prevent situations whereby students miss chances in the post-secondary level. All the policies including funding, setting of the school curriculum as well as teaching should be centralized and performed from one central point such as an educational district.

This promotes equal distribution of resources and equality in governance among the elementary and high schools. However, schools boards should be separate for each particular school and all the members of the board should be answerable to the educational district. Coordination among the members of the school board, the school Heads and the teaching staff should be highly monitored, with each body executing its duties thoroughly. Leadership in the new public education system should be a crucial element to consider.

Leadership in all the education levels should be through merit and other mode of appointing leaders should be answerable to law. All leaders should portray good leadership skills and credible ways of addressing as well as solving problems. Democratic kind of leadership should be encouraged among all Heads of elementary, high school and post- secondary levels. It is only through democratic kind of leadership that all the members of the different learning institutions will be able to air their views freely without any intimidation or rather victimization (Bjerke, 1999).

This suggests that even the students will be able to freely air their grievances and get the right reciprocation based on understanding and ethics. Therefore, there will be no unnecessary commotion, demonstration and strikes among the institutions but the only sole business in schools will be teaching and learning. Moreover, the leader who is the school Head should be a mentor to the students and inspire them through providing them with leadership education whereby students are taught how to think and this enables them to become leaders back in their homes and their entire society.

The students also gather the relevant information on how to become prosperous business entrepreneurs and well dedicated government statesmen. At the Education district level where all the school policies are made to arise from, very high leadership skills should be exercised. The leader should be able to fully organize the workers as well as motivate them so that their working morale can be boosted (Bjerke, 1999). The leader should be also in a position of addressing the workers on issues concerning work ethics and discharging of duties in time.

The new public education system should be in a position of addressing several pedagogies through change of the existing curriculum at the education district. It should handle creative pedagogies through introduction of critical and creative thinking lessons in the curriculum. Students should be encouraged to become thinkers and problem solvers but not only had to acquire public education designed for securing one a job in the job market. Creation of creative pedagogy empowers the students and the graduates in making valuable decisions in their lives and solving their personal problems in a diplomatic way.

There should also be artistic pedagogy in the new public education system. The pedagogy will enable the students to nature their different talents both in creative and performing arts (Nickerson & Zodhiates, 1988). This pedagogy enhances the art of self expression and open mindedness among students and at the same time helping them appreciate the work of nature. Some of the students will also be able to pay for their up-keep in the institutions especially those who venture in music as an art and be able to compete well in the market.

The new system of education should take a new dimension of financing. The change or transition that is required should demand a lot of financial investment. The government should increase the share that is given to the department of education. Other internal as well as external philanthropists should be called upon so as to facilitate this revolutionization. Financial aid from the federal and the state that is channeled to the college or university students should be increased as a way of creating access to post secondary education by many students.

Low interest loans as well as work study should be given to students in the vocational school so that they can completely exploit their talents. Special budgetary committee should be formed at the education district level that will be responsible for receiving funds from the education departments and disbursing the funds to the respective institutions fairly. Education system operating in this manner will ensure transparency and conducive learning environment.

The graduates from such an education system will serve the community at different capacities such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, psychologists, counselors, teachers among others. The business world will flourish with different and prosperous businesses since there will be many innovations made along with a lot of potential customers around. Technology advancement will be on the rise and therefore business networking will be easy, something which promote fast growth of any business (Nickerson & Zodhiates, 1988).

There will be skilled human labor that will supply the needs of the business and industries since the new system of education will be revolutionized to address such needs so as to work towards improve productivity. As well, the government will become much stronger and transparency will be promoted within its structures since it will be served by leaders with integrity who have the required skills and styles of leadership (Sims & Sims, 1995). These leaders will be out to be mentors to the society that they are called to serve and therefore they will practice quite a lot of professional ethics.

Democratic leadership will be adopted as opposed to autocratic leadership and hence all the human rights will be respected. Commendable politics will be practiced; something which will support full participation of every individual in the political endeavors. Policies and rules that govern the people will be fair while justice and democracy will prevail. These will be the leaders from the revolutionized education system, working for success of the government and the economy.

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