RichardWilbur's “A Late Aubade” and Margaret Atwood's “Bored” : Comparison on the idea of “Busy-work” - Comparison Essay Example

RichardWilbur’s “A Late Aubade” and Margaret Atwood’s “Bored” : Comparison on the idea of “Busy-work”

            Life is not measured on wealth, popularity and greatness but by the time you give that makes it special - RichardWilbur's “A Late Aubade” and Margaret Atwood's “Bored” : Comparison on the idea of “Busy-work” introduction. All work and no play, makes us dull. We can be busy sometimes but not always. Theophrastus states that time is the most valuable thing one can spend. It is definitely true when it is served and spent with your loved ones. Just like the poems “Bored” and “A Late Aubade”, busy-work pertains to doing something good for them. From the smiles of the sunrise we do something for them- preparing the things they need, cooking their favorite meals, or accompanying them somewhere- just to express our love. And from the waving dusk we think of something to make them happy. Ann Quindlenn of Newsweek also expressed that there is nothing so grand in this world as watching a person who loves what he does doing.


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            Richard Wilbur’s idea of “ busy-work” in his poem A Late Aubade is that time is so important to be wasted. We should value very minute that we have. If you keep yourself busy, you can actually do more aside from your usual chores or spend it with your loved one. If you’re done with your work, you can go shopping and strolling to see the beauty of nature. You will not miss a single sight of those beautiful things. We cannot tell what will happen next so it is important to cherish every single moment. Time will come that lovers will part,loved ones will perish, good friends leave when the dawn comes. An Aubade is a poem that greets the morning or where wild life celebrates or lover’s wake and sometimes waking to reluctantly part. The author is speaking to a woman that he had been in love and spent the morning with. After the long night is the morning and the poem says that it is better to spend the time home and he does not mind wasting the time if it is for his wife.

                        Think of all the time you are not wasting, and would not care to waste,

                        Such things, thank God, not being to your taste.

                         Think what a lot of time, by woman’s reckoning,

                        You’ve saved, and so may spend on this,

                        You who had rather lie in bed and kiss

                        Than anything.

            Margaret Atwood’s idea of” busy-work” on her poem “Bored” is that we should appreciate every minute that we have for our loved ones. Boring does mean that you should be busy when you have nothing to do. Do what comes out in your mind. To spend the time wisely and meaningfully while you have nothing to do. It is boring to do things over and over again or routinary but when we do other things we missed those things that we do everyday. As expressed in the poem maybe she cannot help someone doing those chores because she doesn’t know how. But she is expressing her support through doing little things for that person. And when that person is done with his job the author will not be bored because they will now do things that they know together. When you have nothing to do, you see even the smallest of details:

                        It wasn’t even boredom,it was looking looking hard and up close at the small details.

                        The boring rhythm of doing things over and over, carrying the wood, drying the                         dishes…

            In layman’s term busy-work is defined as activities to do that will keep you going all day but do not necessarily mean being productive. It can be on money matters or you are just workaholic. Both poems talk about busy work as activity that they have to do with their loved ones. May it be strolling, reading, eating, watching television together. Just to spend the time together. Each work should be done together to achieve the happiness of life. “A Late Aubade” is about the woman the author loved and spending the time in the morning unwilling to wake up yet and on “Bored”the man that she loved and waited until he had done the activities in the garden so he can spent some time with her..

                        All those times I was bored out of my mind

                        Holding the log while he sawed it

                        Holding the the string while he measured, boards distances between things

                         or pounded stakes into the ground for rows and rows of lettuces and beets…

            The work that we are doing produces love and we offer it to people special to us. I love the idea that they posed about time. I also imagine myself doing what the authors visualize in their poems. The memory of family and friends lingers and the experiences I have with them arises as I read the poems. “Busy-work” is a notion that we should give attention to what we are missing. Working alone is boring but doing it with others make it extraordinary. You need not search for happiness just stop doing what your busy at and see the beautiful things around you.


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