Ridin’ “The Diablos Trail” with REH Essay

The upcoming issue of REH: Two-Gun Raconteur features an unfinished Pike Bearfield story titled “The Diablos Trail.” The 3,000 word piece ends at a logical point, not just stopping mid-sentence - Ridin’ “The Diablos Trail” with REH Essay introduction. Here is the opening paragraph of the yarn that gives us a preview of the mayhem and madcap predicaments Howard places Bearfield in:

Well, Wilyum, I hope you will be glad to hear I am here hale and hearty in Fort Sumner, New Mex. You will probably say what the hell is he doing in Fort Sumner New Mex. when I started out for Dodge City, Kansas, with my 1500 head of cattle. But I’ll explain it if you’ll try to have a little patience and control yore arful temper Wilyum. Everything I done was in yore best interests, but I’ll probably have trouble convincing you of it, yo’re sech a bull headed old hyener. I bet yo’re having one of yore fits right now and scaring everybody on the ranch into the aggers. Why you cain’t be ca’m and mild mannered like me I dunno, but you might as well cool off, because I ain’t going to be tromped on by you nor nobody else, and and before you try to ride a Big Sandy over me you better reflect on what happened the last time you tried that. You know that time down on the Nueces when Doc Kirby had to put seventeen stitches in yore carcass Wilyum.

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Ridin’ “The Diablos Trail” with REH
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In addition to this story, there is a second Howard short-short story and an illustrated Howard poem. Of course, there’s the usual line-up of outstanding essays and articles by top Howard scholars and great artwork, including a color cover by Terry Plavet.

As mentioned in previous posts, the issue has been delayed due to my injury, but is back on track now. TGR #16 is slated for publication in early August and I will be taking pre-orders shortly.

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