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Risk assessment individual week

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Downtime that Stevens company don’t expect may extend Date: January 11, 2015 probability: Impact: High Description: The time period that the company expects for the migration of data may extend unexpectedly thus increasing the downtime of data thus affecting its availability (Rachel, et al. , 2010). Refinement/Context: Data migration tools may not be as effective and fast.

Power outages without backup plans in mind Mitigation/ Monitoring: Adoption of multiform computer architecture and fertilization to reduce the maintenance window Management/Contingency plan: Have backup plans in case of power outages Quality personnel with expertise in both SQL server and oracle.

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Risk assessment individual week
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Current Status: In process Originator: Tames Timberline Risk id:2 Risk name: Budget Overrun Date: January 11, 2014 Probability: 39% Impact: Moderate The amount the company uses in this exercise overruns the budget that the company expects for this process.

Refinement/context: Re-purchasing of tools Expenses that are initially not seen or unlikely to occur There is need to ensure that all expenses are on initially budget before the exercise starts Monitor all the tools for faulty before starting any migration Continuous monitoring of migration tools Thorough planning prior to migration Risk id:3 Risk name: Consumer or Brand Impact Date: January 11, 2015 Probability: 25% Impact: moderate Data migration involves customer business data such that any loss to this data or its unavailability makes severe negative public relation impact.

Refinement/context: Interruption and loss of customer/consumer data Make sure data migration is transparent by having distributed databases Inform the consumers and clients on the unavailability period to make them aware. This will allow them do any transactions before that date. Risk id:4 Risk name: Unknown Risk Date:]unary 11, 2015 Some of the risks are never known until they occur. They are the ones that the company can never think of. Refinement/context: These risk risks occurs when no one expects them especially during when conversion is complete or when people uses the data again.

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