RNLI vs Sainsbury’s Council Meeting Essay

Introduce RNLI and Sainsbury’s

Ben from RNLI

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RNLI vs Sainsbury’s Council Meeting Essay
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Becca from Sainsbury’s

We will first hear a statement from Ben regarding why the RNLI should be granted this piece of land

Now we will hear a statement from Becca regarding why Sainsbury’s should be granted this piece of land

Now we will hear from the local community

My opinion

Final Decision is Sainsbury’s


Good evening all - RNLI vs Sainsbury’s Council Meeting Essay introduction. My name is Dominique and I will be representing the community of Sleepy Hollow from a customer point of view — I am a stay at home mum and I have three children. Our little Suzie is 6 months now, Lisa is 8 and our eldest Michael is nearly 16 — My husband commutes 20 miles to our nearest city, Schpitchfield. He received a job in the Bentley production plant which opened up 6 months ago.

My opinion is that Sainsbury’s should be granted the plot of the land and I have many reasons for this

Need a larger store in our quiet town because although we have small family owned stores who receive goods from local suppliers, those suppliers are charging rather high prices because of their limited resources.

High prices means the products on sale are expensive, three children, many different needs, nappies, school clothing and equipment..

Nearest supermarket is in city husband works, 20 miles, only transport bus service, expensive, 3 a day, n have the kids

Negative view

Been discussion, destroy community spirit, tight knit community, many are saying potentially crush ethos between local suppliers and small old family run business, shut down, first agreed, but researched into sainsburys, looked at what they can do for the community

Sainsburys research

Researched, impact on local environment and community,

Found interesting, purchased nearly half tomatoes grown UK, quarter British strawberry crop, this shows that they support British farmers which would keep our local suppliers happy, not lose business

Sainsburys seem to have a lot of respect for the local environment and the community, for example:

What sainsburys does?

Small country town, clean air, don’t want it ruined, sainsburys is decreasing CO2 emissions through energy efficiency, using renewable resources, keen on Reducing, reusing and recycling waste, including carrier bags, packaging and food waste


Sainsbury’s said that they work to make a positive social impact on the local community which they achieve through a number of community programs

Includes raising money for many charities including local ones. Raise money for the RNLI, so another store means more money rose, not totally missing out.

Key problem with the is that as population grows, less elderly, more families and young professionals, result is diverse population, had to bring in neighbourhood watch scheme and local resident s saying they don’t feel as safe as they used to be.

noticed there are gangs on streets, my dear old mum complaining she is very intimidated and sometimes quite scared

Sainsbury’s can help this because they work in partnership with local police forces to promote safer more secure neighbourhood. Also by offering vast amount of employment for local residents, get people off the streets includes job for son Michael who will be able to start working soon


I thank you for listening and hope greatly that you choose Sainsburys to win this plot of land, have so much to offer to this community and ordinary people like myself are in desperate need for this supermarket to make our lives so much easier. Thanks again.

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