Robert E. Howard: A Collector’s Descriptive Bibliography Essay

I just got my copy of Leon Nielson’s bio-bibliography from McFarland - Robert E. Howard: A Collector’s Descriptive Bibliography Essay introduction.  It is an excellent volume, a true labor of love on Leon’s part, the bulk of it done while he was in a life-and-death battle with cancer.  He’s doing better now, but darn nearly succumbed to it some months back.  I know some folks have questioned its  value, but I enjoyed reading it and contributing to it. I’m of the opinion there can never be too much out there about Howard.  Granted, no one wants a lot of poor quality stuff floating around, but this volume is very well written and organized, with a lot of useful information.  You can order it from

Of course, lots of other good stuff is in the works as well: the A Rhyme of Salem Town poetry book, the collected letters, all the unpublished stuff, Schweitzer’s book of Howard essays, hopefully at least two issues of The Dark Man, etc.  It’s great that all this stuff is coming out, the sheer volume of it ensures some new folks are going to come across some of it and go looking for the rest of it.

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Robert E. Howard: A Collector’s Descriptive Bibliography
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