Rodney E. Hero’s Faces of Inequality

Rodney E - Rodney E. Hero’s Faces of Inequality introduction. Hero’s Faces of Inequality

            Rodney E. Hero’s central arguments in his constitute various assertions about social diversity. Hero acknowledges that social diversity is a significant factor in analyzing and contextualizing politics and public policies, although it applies to various aspects of aforementioned politics and public policies. Specifically, social diversity in terms of race and ethnicity influence the turnout of votes, scores in democratization, and other public policies being implemented by the government as it tries to address the unique and varying needs of individuals who belong to different cultural backgrounds practicing unlike beliefs, traditions, ideologies, etc.

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            Reviewing Hero’s arguments and assertions, I would have to agree with the thought of social diversity and its massive influence to politics and policies being implemented by the government. If social diversity has not been considered in the history of politics, in the United States for instance, the U.S. government would not have been divided between the democratic and republican conventions. The said division within U.S. politics was motivated by the differences of opinions between the two parties, including considerations regarding immigrants. One cannot deny the population diversity in the U.S. and debates have been presented regarding the position of immigrants in the country, considering job opportunities, housing, health care, social welfare programs, and such.

            With this in mind, we can assume that social diversity directly influences politics and the kind of policies being implemented since individuals belonging to varied cultural backgrounds are still considered as a nation’s citizens despite cultural and social differences. However, as Hero discussed, reconciling the dimensions of social diversity and politics and policies is a dilemma. This is also an agreeable point since considering social diversity perspective has been a point of argument within the political sphere between leaders who have opposing viewpoints. As aforementioned, the policies being lobbied by political leaders are categorized between the democratic and republican viewpoints. The liberal viewpoints of democratic are more amenable to public policies that consider the welfare of immigrants and minorities in the country, including the opening of job openings and the implementation of multicultural policies in the workplace, etc. On the other hand, the traditional and conservative republican viewpoints are at variance with the benefits and advantages enjoyed most especially by immigrants since the public policies that they promote sides with the natural-born citizens of the country.

            Strengthening the agreement to Hero’s assertions is the relation of his assertions to current situations that prove his arguments correct. For instance, Hero discussed that social diversity influences voter turnout. The previous presidential elections in the U.S. proved how strong the influence of the majority is in affecting the results or outcomes of the voting process. The presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain has proved Hero’s arguments since the victory of the former presidential elect was greatly influenced by minority populations. Aside from the fact that Obama hails from the Democratic Party, his cultural background also influenced his success as the new president of the U.S. come 2009. Statistics that can be heard in the news reveals that majority of the individuals who voted for Barack Obama belongs to the minority populations – African-Americans, Asians, etc.

            Understanding Hero’s arguments does not require in depth analysis and discussion for it to be regarded as a valid assertion. One just needs to look into current situations and events in order to relate the concept of the social diversity perspective as it pertains to politics and public policies. From workplace policies, to health care laws, ethical and moral perspectives applied to social dimensions, to the presidential elections, one can understand and agree to what Hero has posed as the impact of social diversity to politics and public policies.


Hero, R. E. (2000) Faces of Inequality. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

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