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Rogers And Hammerstein

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’ s South Pacific Essay, Research Paper

Rogers and Hammerstein ’ s South Pacific

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Rogers And Hammerstein
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In Rogers and Hammerstein ’ s South Pacific, the chief subject is racial

biass. The two chief characters, Emile de Becque and Nellie Forbush are

faced with these jobs as they attempt a relationship. Two other childs

characters, Lt. Joe Cable and Liat, are faced with the same quandary. Both

Nellie and Joe Cable have a difficult clip hooking with their ain racial biass ;

Joe loves Liat, yet can non get married her because she is Tonkinese ; Nellie loves

Emile, but can non get married him because of his former Polynesian married woman.

It is these

biass that set the province for what might be the most important scene in

the production. In act 2, scene 3, Nellie reveals her biass to Emile.

I can ’ t assist it. It isn ’ t as if I could give

you a good ground. There is no ground. This

is emotional. It ’ s something that is born in me.

She looks to Cable for aid in depicting what she feels, but he offers no aid.

Emile tells her that it is non born in her, that it can non be born in her.

Nellie, who is shouting, runs off. Emile is left with Joe, who is believing over

his ain relationship with Liat. Emile asks him why he and Nellie think that

these biass are born in them. Joe, giving him the merchandise of his ideas,

state him “ It ’ s non born in you. ”

It is at this point that Joe Cable begins singing “ Carefully Taught, ” a

character vocal in which Joe is able to vent his defeats and choler about his

ain biass. The music is somewhat cheerful, which helps to exemplify that by

singing this vocal, he is get downing to experience better. The words that Joe sing Tell

the audience that he realizes that biass aren ’ t born within person, but

taught to them.

You ’ ve got to be taught to be afraid

Of people who ’ s eyes are curiously made,

And people who ’ s tegument is a different shadiness?

You ’ ve got to be carefully taught!

? To HATE all the people your relations detest?

You ’ ve got to be carefully taught! ( II, three )

Joe realizes that there would be no biass in the universe if it cipher

were to learn it to the kids. He sees that if cipher had even spoken

against other races or people that were different, he would hold no job with

get marrieding Liat. He realizes that he really does non experience these things at all

and the thoughts that have been planted in his caput can be as easy uprooted as

they were planted. Joe, experiencing better, sits down and listens to Emile get down to


Emile tells Joe that it was bias that he had been running off from

and it was bias that had found him once more. He finishes “ Carefully Taught ” .

He sings of being cheated in the yesteryear and being cheated out of love once more. He

sings that it is the mistake of “ a MEAN small universe of MEAN small work forces ( II, three ) . ”

He sings that he will keep on to this island “ and be free? and entirely ( II, three ) . ”

It is this portion of the vocal that offers a perfect segue into Emile ’ s following vocal,

“ This Nearly Was Mine. ”

Joe alludes to the fact that he will likely get married Liat after all by

stating that all he cares approximately is on the island and so he plans to remain at that place.

Emile agrees with him that if all you care about is right at that place on that topographic point,

so it is a good topographic point to be, but if what you care about is gone, there is no

topographic point to be. It is at this point that he adds his voice to the music that has

been traveling on under the duologue, singing “ This Nearly Was Mine ” , a love vocal

that shows how much Nellie ’ s declining matrimony has affected him.

The vocal he sings is about things lost and giving up hope of of all time being

happy once more. He sings of holding one love, one miss, one dream, and each of

those things would be in his Eden, which he about had. He poetically sings

of how Nellie flew into his bosom, merely to wing off. He remembers things like

busss, and clip spent with her, but realizes that these things will be no more.

The vocal is really sad and the music magnifies that emotion of unhappiness to a higher


After Emile has finished vocalizing, Joe sees the chance to take

advantage of the state of affairs. He asks Emile if he would reconsider traveling on the

spy mission with him, now that he has nil to hazard losing. Emile agrees and

they set off to state Captain Brackett that they will be making the mission after


Act 2, scene 3, is a really of import scene in South Pacific because it

tackles the job of societal biass every bit good as puts Emile into danger by

directing him off on a mission to descry on the Japanese. The scene puts forth a

societal message every bit good as fostering the secret plan. It is because of Emile ’ s

credence of the mission that helps Nellie realize that her biass are

stupid and that she ’ s giving off everything that is of import to her because of

person else ’ s preconceived impressions of people. By analyzing some of the societal

jobs of the clip ( and even now ) , Act 2, scene 3, proves to be one of the

most important of the production.

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